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Keep up with the latest shoes and gear.

Must-Have Summer Gear

Nothing says summer like a new, bright running outfit. Check out our Pinterest friendly fashion board for a look that’s sure to turn a few heads: [pinit]  Gear Review: Moving Comfort Form Tee ($46) – This seamless tee features a flattering cut and inset pattern. Made to fight off odor, the anti-microbial fabric is lightweight […]

Sports Bra Review!

  We’re always on the lookout for a great sports bra. We don’t think it’s too much to ask for a bra that does it all (supports without constricting, looks cute and feels good too!). Check out the reviews below to find out more information on the styles pictured above: *In addition to the review, […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and Women’s Running is here to help you find the perfect gift for Moms on-the-go! Check out the ideas below and don’t hesitate to forward the link should you find something that strikes your eye (hint, hint!):   lululemon power y tank ($52) – This thin strapped tank allows […]

Spring Running Gear

No matter how warm temperatures rise, the right gear will keep you cool and looking your best at all times! Check out these Spring pieces that easily transition from running miles to running errands (and don’t hesitate to pin this “Pinterest” friendly fashion board! :)). Brooks D’Lite Mesh & Micro Mesh Tanks ($28 each)- Tanks are […]

Editor’s Corner: Running Gravity-Free

Did you ever dream of going to Space Camp? I know I did. Who could resist those commercials? Answer: My parents! Last weekend, I was able to make my child-astronaut dreams come true—if only for an afternoon—thanks to the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, a device that simulates the effects of running on the moon. Designed by […]

Weather Predicting App

Sure, running in the rain can be cathartic and cleansing (no pun intended). Nothing says dedication like the drive of a runner who doesn’t let a little mist deter her workout plans. Running in drizzling rain is one thing, while a drenching downpour is another story (not to mention a potential safety hazard!). As we […]

Sport Bra Review: Jubralee!

Did you know that in an hour of aerobic exercise, an unsupported 34D breast moves about 1,000 vertical feet? Go ahead, pick your jaws up off the floor. The good news? A solid sports bra can reduce vertical motion by roughly 450 foot, or the height of a 45 story building. One excellent choice? Moving […]

Rock My Run

Have you ever heard an amazing song on the radio and instantly it makes you want to move your groove thing? As runners, those are the kinds of songs we tag to our mental list of tunes T.B.D. (to be downloaded, of course) for running motivation later. The good news: we’re about to help you […]

Keep Workout Clothes Fresh

Want to know the fastest way to create a personal stinky sauna? Head outside for a run on a steamy, hot day at high noon with a 100% cotton t-shirt on. In seconds, you’ll feel the sweat begin to drip uncontrollably and inevitably finish smelling anything but rosy. Lucky for us, the evolution of performance […]

New Running App: Zombies, Run!

Ever get tired of running the same old route with the same old playlist jamming through your headphones? We’ve all been there. In order to combat the monotony, we sometimes find ourselves drifting off to imagine we are running in some far away land. While some of us might picture running on a beach during […]