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Energy Punching Pumpkin Bars

Nothing says Fall like the warm, spicy aroma of pumpkin treats baking in the oven. Check out our Energy Punching Pumpkin Bars!

Raise the Salad Bar

Tired of the same old Caesar? Give your greens a fresh new look!

Elite Without Wheat

Professional runner Amy Yoder Begley cut out wheat, rye and barley to turn her gluten intolerance into an Olympic success.

Easy Cherry Almond Energy Bites!

If you’ve ever perused the nutrition aisle at your local running shop, you may have felt overwhelmed by the sea of choices. Between bars, gummies, drinks, and bites, the choices are endless. While we love the various performance boosting snacks on the market, we also enjoy concocting our own unique mix of whole ingredients as […]

Farm to Table

Local produce nourishes your body and protects our earth. Follow these simple steps to eat seasonally Spring is the perfect time of year to clean out your diet by filling up on seasonal foods. “Not only does fresh, local product taste better,” says Lisa Tartamella Kimmel, RD, a dietician at Yale University, “it also earns […]

Olympic Training Smoothie!

One of the most over-looked aspects of improving your running is nutrition. Sometimes we focus so much on getting another run in or amping up our speed during a track workout, that we forget to pay close attention to the way we are fueling our bodies. Proper nutrition is key to achieve your greatest potential […]

Healthy Summer Appetizers

Summer marks the time of year for pool parties and barbecues, and if you’re anything like us, you look forward to time filled with good friends and delicious food. Check out three of our favorite healthy summer appetizers – sure to tantalize your taste buds:  “Healthified” Spinach Dip by Megan Irene Katz Serves eight 1 […]

Simple Spring Salad

With spring temperatures already on the rise, we here at Women’s Running are craving lighter fare with lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Today’s post is dedicated to one of our favorites – a Simple Spring Salad. This super easy-to-prepare salad combines cool lettuce with juicy strawberries, and crisp celery – topped off with crunchy almonds and […]

Editor’s Corner: Post-Workout Fueling

Now that I’m nine weeks away from running Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon—you can follow my progress @JessieSebor—I’ve started to take my relationship with marathon training to the next level . . . What do I love about marathon training? Sore Legs Long Runs Smoothies! Okay, I like working toward a goal, pushing my body and […]

Fourth Meal

If you’re a runner, you’re probably familiar with the “fourth meal.” No, not this one. . . . . .the meal that comes after your run, but before your breakfast, lunch or dinner. While you might be able to make it to your next sit-down meal after an easy two or three miler, if you’re […]