Recipes: Page 40

Recipe: Amaranth Bars

These tasty-bars are made with the South American superfood grain, amaranth, and have a low glycemic index so your blood sugar won't soar!

Recipe: Lemony Fruit Bars

These natural lemon bars are the perfect pick for pre- or mid-run fuel for your run!

Recipe: Carrot Salad

Looking for a refreshing summer salad? Check out this recipe that's healthy and fast!

Recipe: Fig Almond Bars

Whip up delicious energy bars that deliver excellent nutrition with zero processed ingredients!

Olympic Marathoner Juice Recipes

Take a look at two juice recipes courtesy of Olympic marathoner and American record holder Deena Kastor - fit for a speedy queen!

Recipe: Better-for-You Berry Pie

Jenni Polus' mom makes a killer fruit pie—but her daughter lightened it up to make it work for a leaner lifestyle.

Cherry Lemonade Protein Bites

Are you looking for a protein packed bite bursting with the flavor of Spring? This recipe will tantalize your taste buds and fuel your run!