Race Tips

Mind Your Manners! Learn the ABCs of Race Safety and Etiquette

This is a back-to-basics refresher course for runners on how to make the racing experience better for everybody. Always review the course map—even if you’ve done the race a million times, there may be changes to the route. Be on time. Carry a spare gel or two, just in case aid stations run out. Ditch […]

Hurts So Good? Know What Kind of Pain You’re Feeling on the Run

Don’t be afraid—discomfort might seem like your worst enemy, but it can actually be your greatest ally. Running and pain typically go hand in hand. Many people abandon or avoid running altogether for this very reason. But pain isn’t something to fear. In fact, pain can be a good thing (up to a point). Unlike […]

3 Factors To Consider Before Returning To The Start Line

In a grand start to 2019, Hoka-sponsored athlete Jim Walmsley silenced many of his critics by qualifying for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. What made his 1:04:00 Houston Half Marathon so incredible, however, is the fact that Walmsley is an ultrarunner. Among his accolades is a victory at the 2018 Western States 100, at […]

Alexi Pappas’ Tips For Race-Day Success

Women’s Running visited Deena Kastor, Alexi Pappas and Sarah Attar at their training center in Mammoth, Calif., to discuss how training impacts every aspect of their lives.

Tips To Combat Your Race-Day GI Distress

Do you spend too much time in the portapotty on race day? Here are solutions to your race-day “issues.”

The Post-Race Return To Running

Coach Hillary Kigar advises on the best timeline runners should use when returning to running after a race.