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Podium Steak and Potatoes with Jess Cerra

There’s a reason that I eat steak and potatoes two nights before each race I do, and it’s not just that it’s delicious or because it has become my race ritual ever since I won the Xterra National Championship in 2010. It also provides the pre-race fuel I need to go hard. Ingredients: 2 steaks […]

The Perfect Salads to Fuel Your Week

Between constant emails, social media feeds, work, working out, and life obligations, it’s hard enough to get out the door in the morning without having to worry about what to make for lunch or dinner. But here are three great salads that are easy to make, and will keep you performing at your best whether […]

Open-Faced Hash: A Recovery Meal by Jess Cerra

No matter how much I train, the day after a race, I’m spent. Putting everything I have into a multi-hour race can take a toll on my body, but one thing I’ve found really helps me get back out there is making sure I eat right in the 48 hours after a race. And one […]

Jess Cerra: Exercise Physiologist Turned Professional Athlete

Jess Cerra says “After graduating from the University of Montana with a bachelor’s in Exercise Science, I moved to San Diego to pursue a master’s in Exercise Physiology at San Diego State University. Endurance sport had always attracted me from both a scientific and personal perspective. When I moved to San Diego, I saw gangs […]

Pumpkin Rules The Day In Each Of These 4 Snacks

Autumn is officially here, bringing with it sweater weather, crackling fires and all things pumpkin. Embrace the season with these healthier-for-you snacks and treats.

Smoked Salmon Frittatas Recipe

Use your handy muffin tin to make a bunch of on-the-go salmon frittatas that’ll last you days.