Easy Dinner Recipes for Fall Fueling

Fall is in the air and the racing season is peaking. Don't let your nutrition slide as the temperatures dip. We have your easy weeknight dinner recipes.

4 Nutritional Power Players for Healthy Runners

The majority of injuries for runners are an extension of improper nutrition. Yes, you heard that right. Even when they appear to be related to a specific trauma or overuse, in a lot of instances a solid nutritional program could have provided the support necessary to minimize or even prevent them, says orthopedic physical therapist […]

Quick Tips to Support Training Goals

Are you struggling with supporting your personal training goals for running? Whether you are a professional runner or just starting out on your daily jogs, keeping up with training goals — or even just figuring out how to set goals — can be daunting. Sometimes, especially as dedicated runners, we overlook the small, everyday activities […]

Take a Shot With These Wellness Drinks

No not those kinds of shots. We’re talking potent, non-alcoholic, 2-oz. drinks that improve digestion, boost immunity and increase your energy—all in one gulp.

How to Feed Your Mind to Boost Performance

As athletes, we often focus on the physical side of sport—the training and the body. However, the mind is a powerful influence over the physical and performance. From mood to food cravings, to sleep and cognitive function, our state-of-mind trickles down to the rest of our body. Start mindfulness in the kitchen with these five […]