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Go With The Flow! Exercise May Reduce Period Pain

One study shows that movement may decrease menstrual discomfort. Here’s why that could be true. There’s something about your period that can turn even the toughest ultrarunner among us into a cliché of a Cathy cartoon: lying on the sofa all day, crying at those ASPCA commercials and eating enough ice cream to trigger your […]

Boston Marathon Memorials are Works in Progress

Officials say the permanent tributes to the victims of the 2013 Boston bombings will likely be complete this summer. This year the first time that the Boston Marathon will be held on the same date—April 15—as the anniversary of the 2013 bombings on Boylston Street. Although permanent memorials to the victims who died near the […]

Shalane Flanagan’s Spring Goals: Acing TV Commentary, Coaching, and Family

She won’t be racing at the Boston Marathon this year, but the 2017 New York City champion still has pre-race nerves. On Monday, Shalane Flanagan was passing time in the Portland Airport on her way to the World Cross Country Championships in Denmark, where three of her Bowerman Track Club teammates will compete on Saturday […]

How Do We Build a Better Running Community?

Listen to a lively podcast discussion with Erin Strout, our website editor, about women, running, and goals for bringing people together through improved coverage of the sport. Our website editor, Erin Strout, was the guest on the most recent edition of the weekly Morning Shakeout Podcast, hosted by Mario Fraioli. The Morning Shakeout companion newsletter, […]

A “Different Des” Will Line Up at the NYC Half Marathon

The reigning Boston Marathon champion is ready to race on Sunday, not just tune up. Desiree Linden continues to shake up her routine on the way to defending her Boston Marathon title. On Sunday at the NYC Half, the two-time Olympian is looking to compete at the front—straying from how she’s approached the race in […]

What Runners Should Celebrate on International Women’s Day

We still have a long way to go in the name of gender equality, but here are three ways the sport is making progress. In many ways, running is a place where men and woman today experience more equality than many other sports and professions. But of course it wasn’t (and still isn’t) always the […]

After 2018 Controversy, New Rules for Boston Marathon Prize Money

When the professional fields line up on April 15 at the 2019 Boston Marathon, more women will have a shot at competing at the highest level—and fewer men will qualify for prize money. Beginning this year, the Boston Athletic Association will accept entries to the professional women’s-only race based on a qualifying time of 2:45 […]

Aspiring Elites Are Banding Together To Meet Tougher Time Standards 

This Presidents Day, 12 elite women toed the line at the Pacific Pursuit 10K in San Diego, Calif. Matching athletes from respected teams like Northern Arizona Elite in Flagstaff, Ariz. with those from Hansons Brooks Distance Project in Detroit, Mich., this competition was originally created as an early 2016 Olympic Trials qualifier by the NorCal […]