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Women’s Running Cover Model Contest!

Ladies, let’s take a few minutes to break it down and really be honest with ourselves. Haven’t we all dreamt of appearing on the cover of Women’s Running magazine at one time or another? It’s OK to admit it.  You’re amongst friends here. If the thought of experiencing supermodel treatment (think hair, make-up and wardrobe!) […]

Race Report: Countdown To The Olympics!

Is it July yet? Oh wait, June just started. . .darn! Though we don’t want to wish time away, we can’t help but anxiously await the beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympics. The Games officially kick off on July 27th, with the “Athletics” events (fancy-schmancy Olympic term for all running sports) commencing on Friday, August […]

Training Tips from Milk

Training Tips Sponsored by  Ready. Set. Refuel. Make the Most of Your Workout and Make Your After Count Nancy Clark, registered dietitian and author of Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook, shares her nutrition tips to maximize your training table and fuel your body properly before, during and after your workout. And when it comes to […]

Happy Memorial Day, Runners!!!

Memorial Day is dedicated to honoring those who have served our country. But why let the remembrance end with the holiday? Here are four races to celebrate servicewomen and servicemen throughout the year. . .   BATAAN MEMORIAL DEATH MARCH White Sands Missile Range, N.M/ March 2013 The difficult marathon is dedicated to the heroic […]

Polar RCX3 Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win Get a smarter training experience with the new Polar RCX3 and its unique Smart Coaching features. For recreational runners and cyclists who want smart guidance while preparing for an event. Training Benefit gives you instant feedback after your session Helps you train at the right intensity with personal sport […]

Women Run The USA

Let’s face it – we know women run this country, and now the results of the 2012 Women’s National Runner Survey conducted by Running USA confirm our premonitions. With over 7 million road race female finishers in 2011, it’s hard not to agree that women are taking the sport of running by storm. After all, […]

Running Adds Years To Your Life

We’ve known all long that running is good for our health, but a new study from Denmark takes this notion one step further by concluding running can actually add years to our lives. Researchers found that women who ran an average of 2.5 hours a week, at a slow or average pace, lived 5.6 years […]

The Team

Dawna Stone Dawna is the founder, president and publisher of Women’s Running magazine. An Ironman finisher, she enjoys all sports but says her favorite is running after her 1-year-old Kaelie. Dawna frequently travels to speak to men and women across the nation about health and well-being. Dawna had an interesting career before founding Women’s Running. […]

Born To Run Legend

Barefoot running- it’s all the rage. Just take a look around your local running store and you’re sure to find a plethora of minimalist shoes, designed to mimic the benefits of barefoot running. For those of us who came into the sport of running wanting to buy the most cushioned shoe we could get our […]

War Against Anorexia In Israel

We have to admit- we love the bold statement, “Strong is the new skinny.” Here at Women’s Running, we pride ourselves on encouraging women to strive for healthiness versus obsessing over a number on the scale. It is for this very reason that a recently enacted law in Israel caught our eyes. The Knesset (the […]