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For the Love of Running

What if someone you loved was involved in a tragic accident while training for an upcoming race? What would you do in the name of love?

Teenage Record-Breaker!

16-year old Mary Cain is on a roll. Within seven short days Cain blazed two national high school girls records. Learn her story here. . .

Blogger On The Run: Skinny Runner

Our latest Women’s Running magazine Blogger On The Run believes in the philosophy of leaving worry behind to step out of the door for a run. After running a half marathon in 2008, Sarah from Skinny Runner, was hooked on racing and has since completed over 40 marathons! Find out why Sarah’s way of rewarding herself for a good race is to […]

Runner Friendly Communities

Did your city make the cut? Check out the latest selections for the most Runner Friendly Communities from the Road Runners Club of America.

Allison’s Training: 46 Days to Go

Monday was a standard elliptical workout. I endured in silence, at least I don’t think I was singing audibly, so nothing worth reporting. And Tuesday was a swim workout full of drills, breathing exercises and dog paddling – go figure. Today was spent running through airports in inappropriate shoes and working late at our office […]

Allison’s Training: 50 Days to Go

Yesterday was a rest day. The week wan’t very hard, but I enjoyed it all the same. Today was a 90 minute water run. 80 minutes of the workout was done in the shallow end with lots of lunges, leg lifts, cross-overs, hops — basically enough humorous activities that I was glad I was working […]

SPONSORED: Win an Entry to the 2013 NYC Marathon!

Want to run through the streets of New York City in one of the greatest races in the word? Asics is giving away FOUR ENTRIES to the 2013 NYC Marathon! Contest ends August 18th, so enter now by clicking HERE!

Allison’s Training: 66 Days to Go

I’m growing gills, or at least it feels that way! Solid pool session today. Two miles with speed work and technique drills. 3 x (50 fist/50 swim) 4 x 400 first set – 100 fast/300 distance per stroke second set – 200 fast/200 distance per stroke third set – 300 fast/100 distance per stroke fourth […]