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Allison’s Training: 66 Days to Go

I’m growing gills, or at least it feels that way! Solid pool session today. Two miles with speed work and technique drills. 3 x (50 fist/50 swim) 4 x 400 first set – 100 fast/300 distance per stroke second set – 200 fast/200 distance per stroke third set – 300 fast/100 distance per stroke fourth […]

Jessie’s Training: 77 Days to Go

Workout: 14 miles @ 8:15/mile This is the point in my training when I wonder. . .When the $#$(*# will long runs get easier?! This super hilly 14-miler totally kicked my butt. On the upside I enjoyed some lovely scenery. How pretty are these pics?

New York City Marathon: Charity Miles

Powerful things happen when people join together to help others. Charity Miles has a way to give back during this time of devastation.

Ironman World Championship & More!

Get an up-close look at the race that put Ironman on the map - the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i.

Raise the Salad Bar

Tired of the same old Caesar? Give your greens a fresh new look!