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Want to run through the streets of New York City in one of the greatest races in the word? Asics is giving away FOUR ENTRIES to the 2013 NYC Marathon! Contest ends August 18th, so enter now by clicking HERE!

Allison’s Training: 66 Days to Go

I’m growing gills, or at least it feels that way! Solid pool session today. Two miles with speed work and technique drills. 3 x (50 fist/50 swim) 4 x 400 first set – 100 fast/300 distance per stroke second set – 200 fast/200 distance per stroke third set – 300 fast/100 distance per stroke fourth […]

Jessie’s Training: 77 Days to Go

Workout: 14 miles @ 8:15/mile This is the point in my training when I wonder. . .When the $#$(*# will long runs get easier?! This super hilly 14-miler totally kicked my butt. On the upside I enjoyed some lovely scenery. How pretty are these pics?

New York City Marathon: Charity Miles

Powerful things happen when people join together to help others. Charity Miles has a way to give back during this time of devastation.

Ironman World Championship & More!

Get an up-close look at the race that put Ironman on the map - the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai'i.