Just Keep Moving Forward

Get Planning: How to Train for Your First Triathlon

In the third part of a three-part series, we discuss how to frame a training plan for the rookie triathlete. Read part one and part two. Congratulations on your decision to do this triathlon thing. You have the gear, maybe some goals, and now it’s time to think about your training. In simple terms, consistency […]

Don’t Get Spooked by the Gear: Runners Can Become Triathletes

In part two of a series, learn about the equipment you’ll need to try multisport events. Missed part one? Read it here. So, you’ve made the decision to try events that include swimming, cycling, and running. Now it’s time to consider the gear you’ll need to complete your goal. Don’t run away, yet. Gear talk […]

How To Become A Triathlete Runner: Part 1

You Can Do A Triathlon A three-part series by Meredith Atwood, author of Triathlon for the Every Woman. You can become a triathlete—yes, you! Runners all over frequently dip their thoughts into tackling the world of multi-sport. Meredith Atwood has been encouraging the “every woman” to do just that since 2010. In this three-part series, […]

The Case Of The Adult-Onset Runner

I recently wrote about my first run (ever as an adult). I wasn’t a runner until much later in life—to the point that I have dubbed it a condition: adult-onset running. Adult-onset running is fun and amazing for many reasons. For someone who has never felt that “runner’s high” until age 30? Whoa. It’s like […]

The Danger Of The “Haftoo” Mindset

As women, it’s easy to develop the terrible habit of haftoo: “I have to do this.” For example: “I have to go to work.” “I have to do XYZ and then pick up my kids.” We say it so much that it has actually morphed into a single word recognized by Urban Dictionary. In a […]

How To Run Tall In A New City

Moving to a new place can be daunting. Commit to maintaining a positive perspective, and the city will open up.

How To Climb Out Of A Running Rut

We’ve all felt stuck with running at one point or another. But don’t worry—there are simple things you can do to get yourself back on track.