Just For Fun: Page 103

Shake Your Groove Thing

We couldn’t help but giggle when we came across this video, which features “dance walking.” We know it’s not “dance running,” but still…if we’re being completely honest, there are times we all feeling like busting out some moves to the groovy tune pumping through our headphones. In fact, one of our staffers at Women’s Running […]

Hey Runner Girl

Need a some inspiration for your Saturday run? Find more “Hey Runner Girl” chuckles at heyrunnergirl.tumblr.com.   50 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS  Today’s prize. . . 10 2 lb. bags of Muscle Soak Bath Salts from SAN FRANCISCO BATH SALTS Win one of 10 two-pound bags of Muscle Soak Bath Salts by San Francisco Bath Salts. […]

Murphy’s Law For Runners

Have you ever lined up at the start line of a race to find your GPS watch is dead? How about finding out your best friend’s wedding date falls on the day of your big race? All runners experience Murphy’s Law moments from time to time. Check out this compilation we found from theRUNiverse.com: What […]

You Know You’re A Runner If…

On this random Tuesday, we thought we’d share a little runner humor with you (and don’t be embarrassed, we know you can relate!): You Know You’re A Runner If… You know exactly how far 2 miles from your house is, in any given direction. You get an invitation to a special event and automatically check […]

Give Your Best

We’re at it again. We hate to admit how shameless we are, but we just can’t help ourselves. We find these cute little bits of inspiration (in the form of fluffy puppies) and creativity takes over. You see, here at Women’s Running we love determination no matter what form it takes.  How could we not glean […]

T-Shirt Quilt

Here’s a challenge: go to your t-shirt drawer and take a quick peek around. Is it overflowing with shirts from past races?  Chances are, you’re like us at Women’s Running and have a hard time parting with coveted race memorabilia. It can be exhilarating to relive the glory of crossing the finish line by sorting through […]

Leave Everything On The Pavement

It’s Wednesday. The past weekend has already faded from your memory and next weekend still seems light years away. We, here at Women’s Running, feel your pain.  In fact, we sometimes experience that same dreadful, “mid-week blues” kind of feeling. So, how do we motivate ourselves to lace up our shoes and go for a […]

Real Athletes Run

It’s no secret. We, here at Women’s Running magazine, have a thing for dogs (especially running dogs :)). There’s something about the sheer determination in their eyes that just makes us want to lace up our shoes and go for a run. That, and the fact that they have no qualms about letting it all […]

Jogging Presidents

Just for today (President’s Day), let’s put politics aside and celebrate the job of the president. While we, here at Women’s Running magazine, aren’t looking to spark a debate on the performance of each president, we think it’s pretty easy to say that the role of the president ranks high on the scale of stressful […]

Pint Sized Monday Motivation

https://youtu.be/MlYCBJSYWBQ We aren’t going to pretend to play Monday morning quarterback for last night’s 2012 Superbowl game. We won’t even reveal which team we were cheering for, because that defeats the purpose of this post. This post is purely dedicated to motivation; specifically, the pure determination displayed by one of the smallest attendees of the […]