Injury Prevention: Page 21

Guidelines for Time Off

Not sure how long should you stay sedentary after a hard run? Follow these golden rules. . .

Recovery Rules

It’s time to put sore muscles in your rear view! Follow our foolproof plan to recover more quickly.

Discover Your Second Skin

Want the secret to preventing running aches and pains? Get face to fascia with the mysterious substance living just below your surface.

Foam Rolling 101

We all know that running can be hard on our bodies, so it is crucial to take proper care of our muscles and ensure they keep delivering on demand. Providing some tender loving care to your legs and lower back will pay dividends on your recovery time after a tough training session. While getting a […]

Recovery Days

Let’s be honest. Chasing down the surge of post-run endorphins is addicting and taking a day off can feel like cruel punishment. Did you know that planning recovery time is just as important as planning your work-outs? Though a day off can be hard to schedule for those addicted to running, allowing time for your […]

Bone Up!

Keep the stress fracture fairy far, far away by giving your diet a nutrient-rich makeover.

Disordered Eating

You don’t have an easily diagnosable eating disorder to be in danger. In fact, 66 percent of women in the United States will suffer from disordered eating at some point in their lives. Think your relationship with food might be risky? Check our list of red flags and tips for getting healthy. Click Here for […]

Dangerous Relationship

An estimated two-thirds of women in the United States suffer from disordered eating—a disease which spells dire consequences for female runners. On the surface, Kendra Glassman was the picture of health. The 31-year-old registered dietitian carried 100 pounds on her 5-foot-1-inch frame, within the “normal” range, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. […]