Girlfriend’s Guide to Running: Page 97

Participate in a Stretching Study

To stretch, or not to stretch? Researchers have long debated the benefits (or lack thereof) of stretching before or after exercise, and have yet to find a conclusive answer. Most previous stretching studies have been too small to find definitive results, so researchers at the The University of Sydney and the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for […]

The Elusive Runner’s High

Running is my therapy. I run to de-stress after a hectic day, calm down after a difficult conversation or find a solution to a complex problem. Those closest to me know the best way to deal with me when I’m irritated, grumpy or upset is to suggest—nicely—that I go for a run. Often, I feel […]

Winning Olympic Gold Boldly

Constantina Tomescu-Dita earned a number of firsts yesterday as she ran her way to gold in the women’s marathon at the Olympics: She’s the first Romanian and the oldest woman, at age 38, to win gold. Tomescu-Dita pulled away from the pack, filled with running stars including Paula Radcliffe, around mile 13, and maintained such […]