Girlfriend’s Guide to Running: Page 94

Motivation for Moms

If you are trying to get back in shape post-pregnancy and want to find a way to include your baby or toddler in your workouts, Baby Boot Camp might be a great solution for you. This week, the national fitness program for moms launches the “Mother Love Fitness Challenge,” which focuses on building cardiovascular endurance […]

Card Support

I’m a firm believer in the old-fashioned art of thank you notes and encouraging cards. I love receiving an unexpected card in the mail, and I have a habit of stocking up on unique notecards when I travel. So, I was excited to learn about a new card company, Banana Blossom Press, founded in Seattle by […]

Fit in Six Weeks?

It’s easy to fall prey to magazine articles and ads proclaiming dramatic weight loss or increased fitness benefits in “just six weeks” or less. To prove that developing fitness takes commitment and time, according to this article by Gina Kolata, scientists at the University of Wisconsin created a simple test. For six weeks, male volunteers […]

Cross-Training with Kinesis

I find it challenging enough to schedule three to five runs each week, to say nothing of fitting in cross-training. Of all the things I try to mix into my running program (yoga, cycling, swimming), strength training is the one that takes the lowest priority. I know I should do it, but I rarely do. […]

Running for Change

Need some motivation to keep you running? Here’s how one runner used the sport to create positive change. Anne Mahlum turned her regular morning runs through urban Philadelphia into a non-profit organization to help homeless people. Her idea was born during a run (aren’t most good ideas?) on her regular route that passed by a […]

Hydration for U

Two cyclists created Nuun (pronounced “noon”) in 2004 to find a way to replace electrolytes during a workout without having to cart around heavy bottles of powder or sports drinks. The simple tablet, which comes in a small tube, dissolves in water and boosts depleted electrolyte levels without adding a large dose of calories and […]

Yoga for Runners

I started practicing yoga after I developed painfully tight hip flexors a few years ago during marathon training. But, I’m far from a yogi and have a lot to learn. So, this weekend I attended the highly informative San Francisco Yoga Conference hosted by the magazine Yoga Journal. (Conferences are held around the U.S. and include many […]

Wheat-Free Holiday Treats

Homemade bread, pasta, gnocchi, shortbread cookies tied up in strings—these are a few of my favorite things. Unfortunately these are the very things that trigger my sinus infections and arthritis-like aches and pains, and cause my husband digestive unrest and malnutrition. Like about three million Americans with celiac disease, our bodies don’t digest wheat and […]

Surviving the Holidays

Here are some great tips to have a festive and fit season. 1. Make a realistic plan and be consistent. Women’s Running columnist and coach Jenny Hadfield recommends giving yourself a realistic running goal of 15 to 20 miles per week during the holidays and keeping a running schedule on the fridge. Your goal should […]

Girls on the Run

This weekend, I did something I've never done before: I waved pompoms and cheered my heart out. As a volunteer at the annual Girls on the Run Lollipop Run in San Francisco's Golden Gate park, I was assigned to be part of the "cheer team" and posted near the finish line of the 1 mile […]