Girlfriend’s Guide to Running: Page 89

Women Who Move – Natasha’s Sense of Self

 On occasion, I enjoy posting quotes from real women runners. Whether barely a beginner, an experienced elite, or any level in between, all of us gals are bound together by the common themes of our running experience.   Running is my one constant – the sanity to the chaos in my life. It keeps me […]

Active Style

Cute clothes inspire me to run. It’s not that I don’t love running. I do. But sometimes when the alarm clock buzzes me out of a nice dream, the benefits of the run seem too distant to motivate me. But if there’s a cute new running outfit sitting at the foot of my bed, I […]

SKIRT or SKORT? – Nicole’s View

After receiving multiple comments about running skirts, skorts and shorts (see this previous post), I thought I would check in with Nicole DeBoom for her thoughts on the fashion trend that forms the foundation of her company, SkirtSports. Nicole, the pioneer of the running skirt craze, lays out her definitions of “skirt” and “skort” below: […]

SKIRT vs. SHORTS – Women Runners Speak Out

As promised in this previous post, I’ve collected a wide range of opinions on running skirts and skorts in contrast to shorts. Some of the feedback I received expresses strong feelings of love or hate for the general skirt trend – some attempts to clarify the skirt/skort confusion – and some relates unique thoughts and […]


You’ve all seen them. Many of you swear by them. Some of you wouldn’t be caught dead in one. I’m talking about running skirts, that flirty swatch of fitness fashion that’s garnered so much attention in the past several years. Now that the skirt (or skort – which is it, after all?) has sidled its […]

An Improved Water Bottle to Love

I confess: I love Sigg bottles. I have two, and I always take the smaller one with me when I travel or to the gym, and I use the larger model on backpacking trips. But I do have one gripe with my favorite reusable water bottle company: Sigg bottles are hard to clean because they […]

Milk and cereal better than sports drinks for muscle recovery

Instead of grabbing a Gatorade after a run or workout, try pouring a bowl of your favorite breakfast cereal and milk. According to a recent study conducted by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, researchers found whole-grain, high-fiber cereal paired with milk is is a better option for muscle recovery than a […]

Keeping Cool with Headsweats

I usually wear a headband to keep my hair off my face and sweat out of my eyes when I run, but I recently tried the Headsweats Race Hat, and it’s now my headgear of choice. In sweltering Florida, I appreciate that it keeps the sun off my face. But what I really like: the CoolMax […]

Payin’ it Forward

On Sunday I experienced one of the best imaginable moments in my athletic experience – seeing a friend whom I’ve helped mentor race to the finish of her very first triathlon. Brooke was always a road cyclist, racing throughout college. She only took up running in the past year, and while she’s not one to […]

Inside Bay to Breakers

Yesterday, the 98th running of the ING Bay to Breakers 12k stopped traffic in San Francisco and served as an enormous street party for many of the city’s residents, complete with floats and costumes. (Although more than 30,000 people registered, it’s estimated that some 60,000 participated in the event.) But it wasn’t just a party—elite […]