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Trail Blazin’

Here are our picks for the top five trail running destinations in the U.S. Many runners turn to the trails in search of a physical challenge. What they find when they leave the pavement behind is a love for getting off the beaten path, breaking new ground and pushing themselves in new directions. A perfect […]

Resolutions, Version 2010

My health and fitness resolutions for 2010 are fairly straightforward. Since I struggled through the majority of 2009 with a variety of injuries, they mostly relate to getting back on track with quality training and racing. Here’s a smattering of what I’ll attempt to do: Join a gym in Boulder (where I recently moved), and […]

Women Who Move: Norma Gonzalez

Norma Gonzalez Tijuana, Mexico SPORTS: Running, Triathlon AGE: 49 JOB: Winemaker Click photo to enlarge HOW I GOT STARTED IN SPORTS: I ran off and on for years, starting with 5k races and steadily increasing my mileage until I was running marathons. My sister-in-law inspired me to try triathlon. ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS: Placing in the top […]