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Are We There Yet?

Do you remember driving somewhere with your parents and thinking that every stop seemed so far away? There’s a reason sitcoms often feature children in the back seat of a car shouting, “Are we there yet?” For many adults, setting a new year’s resolution can evoke the same anxious feelings children display over arriving at […]


Some days you run and you feel like a lean and lithe gazelle. Other days you run and you feel like a gargantuan gorilla. But sometimes all it takes is a little perspective to know that every run is better than no run at all.

Women Who Move: Inez Ross

Inez Ross Los Alamos, N.M. AGE: 80 JOB: Author, Retired Teacher Click photo to enlarge I started running in my forties and completely fell in love. Now, at age eighty, I’m still pounding the pavement! When my daughter, Lynette, was in high school, she asked me to take her to the Bonnie Bell 10k in […]

Women Who Move: Karen Rohan

Karen Rohan Philadelphia, Penn AGE: 46 JOB: President, CIGNA Group Insurance Dental Click photo to enlarge HOW I STARTED RUNNING: I started in high school. Even as my career evolved, and my work schedule became more hectic, I was always able to incorporate running into my schedule. Now, I always make time for a run. […]

Women Who Move: Cindy Aitken

Cindy Aitken Virginia Beach, VA AGE: 35 JOB: Storyteller and literacy workshop presenter Click photo to enlarge Running provides many outlets for me: It’s a stress-reliever, a fun time with my kids, a great time to be alone and clear my mind, and a simple way to start date night with my husband. Running truly […]

Sometimes We Go BOOM!

Earlier this week, I got a little too up close and personal with the trail. I’m not exactly known for my physical grace, the layers of scarring on my knees a testament to previous tumbles. Still, each new fall is painfully jarring, and something I’d prefer to avoid. Ironically, I was running with my friend […]

Women Who Move: Shelby Grossman

Shelby Grossman Cambridge, Massachusetts AGE: 26 JOB: Ph.D. Candidate Click photo to enlarge As part of my work studying minority group politics in West Africa, I do things that others might consider difficult or daring on a regular basis. But until two years ago, there was one activity I was sure I’d never be able […]

Women Who Move: Sara Hall

Sara Hall Mammoth Lakes, CA SPORTS: Track and Field AGE: 25 JOB: Professional Athlete Click photo to enlarge RUNNING WITH PURPOSE My goal is to make the U.S. Olympic team in 2012 and to win an outdoor national track title. I feel like right now I am perfectly suited for the 3,000-meter distance, which unfortunately […]

5 for 5 with Fiona Docherty

5 questions answered in 5 words or less. . . A native of small-town Taupo on New Zealand’s North Island, Fiona Docherty currently lives and trains in Boulder, Colorado. A former professional triathlete, “Fee” now favors her running shoes over her bike or the lap lane. Her recent PR of 1:12:49 at the NYC Half […]

Miles, Mountains and Marigolds

In a race through the Himalayas, views of snow-topped peaks change the way one runner sees her world. Traveling halfway around the world to run a race sounded like an exciting idea when I signed up for the 2010 Himalayan Run & Trek, a five day, 100-plus-mile stage race held in India. But fresh off […]