The Editors’ Corner

The Editors’ Corner

This is a (revamped) weekly series where the Team WR editors share personal anecdotes on their running lives—why they started, something that happened during training, mom life, big races or anything they need to get out. It is a space for our readers to get to know our editors and vice versa; if there is a topic you really want us to talk about, feel free to let us know on social media with #TeamWR.

Every week a different editor (there’s only four of us!) will share her piece on the website. We hope you enjoy this regularly scheduled program from Women’s Running…and stay tuned for potential guest editors from our brother publication, Competitor Running!

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No, I Didn’t Run The Boston Marathon As A Disabled Athlete

In 2016, I crossed the greatest finish line in the world at the Boston Marathon. My journey of qualifying, then getting into the race, then finishing my second 26.2-mile journey ever was filled with ups and downs and all-arounds—just like anyone’s marathon story is. I had a lot of people say how inspiring I was for […]