I Needed Help to Overcome a Running Addiction

How do you know if you're addicted to running? If your training schedule is ruling your life, yet you're not feeling any joy from it, you may have an unhealthy relationship.

How Do We Build a Better Running Community?

Listen to a lively podcast discussion with Erin Strout, our website editor, about women, running, and goals for bringing people together through improved coverage of the sport.

Have No Doubt: Your Running Breakthrough Will Come

My name is Ellie Abrahamson and I am a professional long-distance runner for Atlanta Track Club Elite. Up until my senior year of college, I never thought about running professionally. I loved how running provided me with a “relaxed mind” and “feel good emotions,” but we didn’t always get along, especially in high school. I […]

How To Find Your Perfect Training Strategy

Finding The Right Training Plan Of all the training plans out there (by Hal Higdon, Jack Daniels, etc.) what do you like for us mere mortals? When I was in high school, the cross country, indoor and outdoor track teams each had a different coach every season. I did well initially, grabbing a coveted state […]

Ask Allie Kieffer

In her new column, pro marathoner Allie Kieffer gets real about goal setting.