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Runner’s Reads

  • Runner’s Reads

    Runner’s Reads

    Team WR

    A festive roundup of gifts big and small sure to delight the runner in your life–or yourself!

  • Life’s Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow

    Life’s Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow

    Team WR

    The memoir of the always entertaining writer (and WR contributor) Susan Lacke is humbling and amusing at all the right times. It’s a touching tribute to the friend who inspired her to become the athlete, writer and person she is today. $19,

  • Women Who Tri

    Women Who Tri

    Team WR

    Mother-of-four author Alicia DiFabio never expected to toe the line of a triathlon. In this book, she recounts her experiences alongside profiles of inspiring triathletes like Andrea Peet, Debbie Niemann and Linda Garrett—all of whom compete against incredible odds. $19,

  • Running With A Police Escort: Tales From The Back Of The Pack

    Running With A Police Escort: Tales From The Back Of The Pack

    Team WR

    Author Jill Grunenwald is sweet, sassy and spunky—and we love it. Her story reminds us that simply finishing a race is way more important than your final finishing time. $23,

  • The Closer

    The Closer

    Team WR

    One of the first-ever female executives in the sports industry also created a new kind of female hero in fiction. Gift this book to your best friend, your daughter, your niece—any woman who is or aspires to be like one of Shaz Kahng’s “Ceiling Smashers.” $25,

  •  Mindful Running

     Mindful Running

    Team WR

    Setting goals is great, but sometimes it’s nice to just run for fun. This book by Mackenzie L. Havey shares tips from experts that reveal the ways in which mental fitness is just as important in running as physical ability. $14,

  • What Made Maddy Run

    What Made Maddy Run

    Team WR

    This touching memoir by Kate Fagan of a young track athlete who died by suicide during her first year of college isn’t about suicide—it’s about those very real feelings of inadequacy young athletes often face, and how difficult they are to identify in the social media age. $26,