Lauren Bedosky

Safety Apps Can Keep Track of Your Whereabouts

Technology can offer peace of mind on your next run—for yourself and your loved ones. Most of us have left a note or sent a text to the effect of, “Out for a run, be back by 3:30.” We don’t want to think that something bad could happen while we’re out there, but between twisted […]

Hurts So Good? Know What Kind of Pain You’re Feeling on the Run

Don’t be afraid—discomfort might seem like your worst enemy, but it can actually be your greatest ally. Running and pain typically go hand in hand. Many people abandon or avoid running altogether for this very reason. But pain isn’t something to fear. In fact, pain can be a good thing (up to a point). Unlike […]

Spring Training? Use These 5 Simple Workouts to Get Faster Now

Get excited for the spring racing season by injecting speed training into your routine today. Spring is (finally) around the corner. For runners, this usually means one thing: the start of a new racing season. If you haven’t already started incorporating speed training into your regimen, now is the time. But even if you don’t […]

Transforming Your Bad Habits Into New, Healthy Habits

Out With The Old, In With The New For many of us, the beginning of a new calendar year provides the perfect excuse to rethink the behaviors that aren’t serving us. After all, everyone has bad habits and self-sabotaging behaviors they wish they could change. Some of us struggle to stick with a healthy diet […]

Running To Boost Self-Confidence

While most women run for physical and mental health, several of us also run for the boost in self-confidence that fitness provides.