Kristen Seymour

New To Relay Racing? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Going to a race with friends—whether it’s a local 5K or an international marathon—is a special experience, for sure. Having someone there to keep you company in the pre-race portapotty line makes the worst part of race day more bearable, and there’s nothing like having a good friend to compare notes with after you cross […]

These Are The Yoga Poses Runners Should Avoid

Many runners find yoga to be an incredibly helpful addition to their workout regimen. It can help us increase the range of motion in areas that, traditionally, get overly tight due to the repetitive movements of our sport. Yoga is also beneficial for strengthening some of the muscles that can get a bit lazy without […]

A Coach’s Guide To Trail Running

Director of Cross Country and Track and Field at Northern Arizona University Mike Smith provides his tips to help beginners tackle the trails.

Which Yoga Style Is Right For You?

We’ve all heard that yoga is a smart practice for runners. But which style of yoga is best for your training?