Hannah Hartzell

I Needed Help to Overcome a Running Addiction

How do you know if you're addicted to running? If your training schedule is ruling your life, yet you're not feeling any joy from it, you may have an unhealthy relationship.

How I’m Stifling Jealousy Of My Friend’s Speedy New PR

I was thrilled after achieving a half-marathon personal record of 1:23 this past fall. Considering I’d done minimal speed work leading up to the November race, my 4-minute PR was substantial. I remember feeling elated throughout the entire race weekend, amazed that my hard work had paid off and grateful for a body that was […]

5 Savings Hacks For Runners

Keeping Costs Low Compared to other athletes, runners have it pretty easy. At the very basic level, little is needed to fund our passion. We don’t have much in the way of costs for equipment, lessons or even coaches. Just set aside $100 for shoes every 500 miles, and we’re all set—or are we? If […]

3 Runners We Recommend Following On YouTube

If you want to be your best—at anything in life—start by observing others. You’ll quickly see how much you can learn from the good and bad examples that are all around you—and running is no exception. By studying the training, racing and lifestyle choices of other runners, you can improve your own experience and results. […]

A Single Runner’s Take On Running Couples

Dear running couples of the world, I wonder if I might intrude upon your inner sanctum of Hallmark-esque living to provide a little piece of insight: I, as a single female runner, am good. Honestly, I don’t need you to set me up with that guy from work who “jogs on occasion,” and I don’t […]

3 Factors To Consider Before Returning To The Start Line

In a grand start to 2019, Hoka-sponsored athlete Jim Walmsley silenced many of his critics by qualifying for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. What made his 1:04:00 Houston Half Marathon so incredible, however, is the fact that Walmsley is an ultrarunner. Among his accolades is a victory at the 2018 Western States 100, at […]