Ashley Mateo

7 Tips for a Truly Perfect Sports Bra Fit

All of the latest sports bra tech advancements mean nothing for you if you aren’t buying a bra that fits right. It’s suggested that as many as 70 to 100 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, according to research by Jenny Burbage, PhD, a sports biomechanist at the University of Portsmouth. Don’t […]

Why It Is Finally Time to Upgrade Your Sports Bra

Running shoes aside, it’s the most important piece of gear a female runner puts on her body. But for all the time (and money) you spend debating the level of cushioning you need and tracking the miles you logged on a pair of sneakers, how often do you think about how you’re protecting your boobs on the run?

Nike’s Latest Flyknits Actually Make Running Feel Easier On Your Body

Even the most casual runners know how tough running can be on your feet. When you’re in the middle of a marathon training cycle—or even if running’s just a casual hobby—the mere act of standing up on beat-up feet first thing in the morning can make you wince (just me?). That’s a big reason for […]