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Making The Case For Frequent Fueling

The Importance Of Eating More For runners, it’s not just how much you eat that matters; it’s when you eat your calories that also plays a role in the health and performance equation. A study in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports wanted to shed light on the notion of within-day energy […]

What To Know About The Prebiotics Nutrition Trend

Prebiotics Primer We are well into the new year, and while most people are thinking about what they should take out of their diet to be healthier, maybe consider what you should be adding instead. Prebiotics might be just the addition you need! Not to be confused with probiotics, which provide the gut with good […]

Alexi Pappas Brings “Olympic Dreams” To The Screen

Catching Up With Alexi Pappas Four months after her marathon debut in Chicago, Women’s Running caught up with TrackTown USA’s distance sweetheart Alexi Pappas for an update on her career as an indie filmmaker and aspiring 2020 Olympian. With her half-marathon goals this spring and third film premiering next month, Pappas is running through 2019 […]

New To Relay Racing? Here’s What You Need To Know.

Going to a race with friends—whether it’s a local 5K or an international marathon—is a special experience, for sure. Having someone there to keep you company in the pre-race portapotty line makes the worst part of race day more bearable, and there’s nothing like having a good friend to compare notes with after you cross […]

Our Favorite Treats For Valentine’s Day

No matter how you choose to celebrate, we bet these Valentine’s Day treats will be a perfect match. Tcho Maker’s Series: Bramble + Rose 70G Bar, $8 This chocolate doesn’t just look pretty—its taste earned high points from our editors, too. Misfit Vapor 2, $250 Treat yourself with this new watch from Misfit that features […]

A Single Runner’s Take On Running Couples

Dear running couples of the world, I wonder if I might intrude upon your inner sanctum of Hallmark-esque living to provide a little piece of insight: I, as a single female runner, am good. Honestly, I don’t need you to set me up with that guy from work who “jogs on occasion,” and I don’t […]

The Top 10 Workout Songs For February 2019

As we move further into the new year, options on the workout music front are growing more collaborative. More than half of this month’s picks involve folks working together—often from different ends of the musical spectrum. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few of the standouts below. Beginning with the straightforward collaborations, you’ll find […]

These Are The Yoga Poses Runners Should Avoid

Many runners find yoga to be an incredibly helpful addition to their workout regimen. It can help us increase the range of motion in areas that, traditionally, get overly tight due to the repetitive movements of our sport. Yoga is also beneficial for strengthening some of the muscles that can get a bit lazy without […]

How To Find Your Perfect Training Strategy

Finding The Right Training Plan Of all the training plans out there (by Hal Higdon, Jack Daniels, etc.) what do you like for us mere mortals? When I was in high school, the cross country, indoor and outdoor track teams each had a different coach every season. I did well initially, grabbing a coveted state […]

The Case Of The Adult-Onset Runner

I recently wrote about my first run (ever as an adult). I wasn’t a runner until much later in life—to the point that I have dubbed it a condition: adult-onset running. Adult-onset running is fun and amazing for many reasons. For someone who has never felt that “runner’s high” until age 30? Whoa. It’s like […]