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How To Become A Triathlete Runner: Part 1

You Can Do A Triathlon A three-part series by Meredith Atwood, author of Triathlon for the Every Woman. You can become a triathlete—yes, you! Runners all over frequently dip their thoughts into tackling the world of multi-sport. Meredith Atwood has been encouraging the “every woman” to do just that since 2010. In this three-part series, […]

5 Savings Hacks For Runners

Keeping Costs Low Compared to other athletes, runners have it pretty easy. At the very basic level, little is needed to fund our passion. We don’t have much in the way of costs for equipment, lessons or even coaches. Just set aside $100 for shoes every 500 miles, and we’re all set—or are we? If […]

4 Nut Butter Bars Runners Love

Nuttin’ Better Nut butters made from cashews, almonds, macadamias and, yes, even your childhood-favorite peanuts all have similar nutrients that complement an active lifestyle: plant-based protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. When you eat it, though, you can often be left with a sticky, oily mess. Now, with a surge in nut butter […]

Our Top Running Shoe Picks For Spring

Real women—including moms, teachers, firefighters and our own editors—tested dozens of shoes to bring you our best-of list for spring 2019. Numbers To Know Weight: All shoe weights listed (except when noted) are for a size 7. Heel-toe Drop: The drop of a shoe, measured in millimeters, refers to the change in slope from the […]

From The Editor: I’m In My Third Trimester And I’m Aching To Race

Aching To Race As of press time, I’m a few days away from starting my third trimester with my third child, and I just signed up for a fall half marathon—and not just to take advantage of the early-bird pricing. I am itching to race again—not for time, not to place. I need a goal […]

Photos: New National Titles At The USATF Indoor Championships

All photos of the 2019 USA Track and Field Indoor Championships by Kevin Morris. As we witnessed at the NYRR Millrose Games earlier this month, women runners are on a roll this year—and the USATF Indoor Championships held February 22-24 at the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex in Staten Island, N.Y., only cemented that reality. Shelby […]

The Importance Of Running In Native American Culture

For generations, Native Americans have been running this country’s mountains, mesas and plains, often with women leading the way. Here, women from three different tribes share insights into their cultures’ rich running histories—and what inspires them to run today. The First Runners When a teacher asked Jordanna Saunders to join the junior high cross-country team […]

All You Need Is 8 Weeks To Prep For Your First 10K

A Perfect 10 If, as a coach, I could have only one piece of information to use in assessing a runner’s fitness or ability, it would be a recent 10K race time. More than any other competitive distance, the 10K balances the qualities of speed and endurance that every runner needs to succeed at any distance. For the same […]

Transforming Your Bad Habits Into New, Healthy Habits

Out With The Old, In With The New For many of us, the beginning of a new calendar year provides the perfect excuse to rethink the behaviors that aren’t serving us. After all, everyone has bad habits and self-sabotaging behaviors they wish they could change. Some of us struggle to stick with a healthy diet […]