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Grief Inspired Her To Run. Now She’s Leadville’s Reigning Champ.

When Katie Arnold runs at elevations exceeding 10,000 feet near her home in Santa Fe, N.M., the scenery reminds her to “make the most of the time we have here.” After her father’s death in 2010, Arnold turned to running to process her grief. Years later, what began as a passion for nature and fitness […]

Racing After Age 80? It’s Just Another Day For Della Works.

Her husband said it was crazy, which is exactly why she did it. In February of 2004, Della Works boarded a Russian research ship and set sail for Antarctica. At 69 years old, Works was the oldest in a group of runners tackling 26.2 miles on the world’s southernmost continent. “My husband was reading The […]

Aspiring Elites Are Banding Together To Meet Tougher Time Standards 

This Presidents Day, 12 elite women toed the line at the Pacific Pursuit 10K in San Diego, Calif. Matching athletes from respected teams like Northern Arizona Elite in Flagstaff, Ariz. with those from Hansons Brooks Distance Project in Detroit, Mich., this competition was originally created as an early 2016 Olympic Trials qualifier by the NorCal […]

Kelly Herron’s Enduring Fight For Female Empowerment

Four miles into her 10-mile long run, Seattle runner Kelly Herron made a seemingly harmless decision. It was a Sunday afternoon in March of 2017 when she stopped mid-run to use the bathroom in Golden Gardens Park. As Herron dried her hands, Arizona registered sex offender Gary Steiner emerged from a stall, attacked her from […]

Move Over, Tart Cherry Juice—Pomegranate’s Stepping Up

The Power Of Pomegranate You may be aware of the potential performance benefits associated with tart cherry juice and beetroot supplements. However, these aren’t the only elixirs that may help improve your running. Pomegranate juice has been shown to be another key player in the ergogenic aid space, with research linking it to greater blood […]

How I’m Stifling Jealousy Of My Friend’s Speedy New PR

I was thrilled after achieving a half-marathon personal record of 1:23 this past fall. Considering I’d done minimal speed work leading up to the November race, my 4-minute PR was substantial. I remember feeling elated throughout the entire race weekend, amazed that my hard work had paid off and grateful for a body that was […]

Overcoming Discrimination As A Transgender Runner

As an ultrarunner and transgender woman, Grace Fisher knows a thing or two about resilience. But even though her journey in life and running has been difficult at times, it has also been filled with success and joy. Fisher, who lives outside of Washington, D.C. and works as a government analyst, began running about 10 […]

10 Of The Best-Selling Workout Songs In History

The other day, I was wondering what the best-selling song of all time was. I thought it would be the 1997 version of “Candle in the Wind” (which Elton John recorded in memory of Princess Diana)—but in fact, Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” has it beat by 17 million copies or so. While reviewing a list […]

Meet The Elite: Our Interview With Sara Hall

Sara Hall has been a runner to know since her first big win at the Foot Locker National High School Cross Country Championships in 2000. Nearly two decades later, she’s sampled distances ranging from the mile to the marathon, earning national titles in many and setting her sights on a powerful performance in Boston this […]