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How Molly Huddle and Emily Sisson Plan to Make An Impression at 2019 London Marathon

Hint: It involves working together. They share a coach, have a combined total of more than two dozen national titles, and are the first- and second-fastest half marathoners in U.S. history. And on Sunday, for the first time, Molly Huddle and Emily Sisson will line up together at the London Marathon to race one of […]

Run to the Fast Beats of Some Current Music

The playlist this week features up-tempo tunes to match up-tempo workouts. The merits that compel a song onto the Top 40 lists are often the same attributes runners look for in a workout jam. Unfortunately, most radio tracks right now hover around 100 beats-per-minute, so speed is hard to find. Nonetheless, we’ve compiled 10 recent […]

Get Away to Run Some Mindful Miles

On these trips around the country (and world), saying “om” isn’t about hunkering down on a meditation pillow—it’s about logging mileage. First came the wellness retreat (meditation on the beach, anyone?), then came the run retreat (a getaway dedicated to miles). Now? Interest is growing among runners to support mileage in a way that’s not […]

How Is This Woman Still Striding at 107 Years Old?

The secret to Goldie Sohn’s longevity might be in her movement. Under an arch of pink and yellow roses at the NYU Langone Shore Hill Neighborhood Center in Brooklyn, wearing a crown and sash declaring her “Birthday Princess,” Goldie Sohn celebrated her 107th birthday with some of her favorite people: teammates and coaches of the […]

After Placing Second at the Boston Marathon, Edna Kiplagat Keeps Going

With a career that’s spanned more than two decades, she’s one of the most decorated marathoners in the world. And the mother of five—who’s turning 40 this year—has no plans to step aside. Fans were treated to a festival of exceptional running at this past Monday’s Boston Marathon. In the men’s race, the 26.2-mile competition […]

Caster Semenya Named to 2019 Time 100 List

The Olympic champion, currently in a legal battle with the sport’s governing body, is one of the most influential people of the year. Caster Semenya is a world and Olympic champion in the 800 meters. Her dominance in covering two laps of the track is unquestionable, but it’s only part of the reason she appears […]

6 Life Lessons From the Pioneers of Women’s Running

They questioned authority, broke the rules, and ran for their own reasons—and these legends tell the next generation to do the same. The first woman to run a road race. The first woman to run the Boston Marathon. The first woman to break 2:50 for 26.2 miles, then the first to break 2:30. Without these […]

Gear That Glitters

Gold accents are getting a rosy update in this spring’s most stylish running apparel. Real rose gold is a gold-copper alloy, with the copper content adding the red coloration. ROKA Rio Titanium Sport these classy aviator-style sunnies on runs—you’ll turn heads with the iconic frames while enjoying their “barely there” feel, thanks to their crazy […]

As Coveted as a Boston Marathon Entry? A Volunteer Position

It’s almost as difficult to get a job on race day as it is to earn a place on the starting line. For many runners, a Boston Marathon qualifying time is a huge achievement. But while athletes complete long runs and tempo workouts, thousands of others are hoping for a shot at helping execute the […]

10 One-Hit Wonders to Keep You Moving

Hopefully your running success isn’t as fleeting as these artists’ careers. It takes time to officially achieve the title of one-hit wonder. Men Without Hats couldn’t top 1982 tune “The Safety Dance,” and DNCE has yet to match “Cake By the Ocean,” thought it was only released in 2016, so maybe another popular song will […]