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Converting Comfort Foods To Power Foods

We all have our comfort foods. Mine happens to be a big bowl of pasta with marinara—and lots of parmesan. While comfort foods tend to be starchy and packed with the dreaded white carbs, that’s not the case for all. From swapping purple yams for ordinary spuds to sneaking in veggies to hearty soups, there are […]

4 Farmers Markets You Won’t Want To Miss

When visiting a new town, browsing the stands of a farmers’ market is a great way to see a community and experience its homegrown flavors. It’s always a priority for Chef Christina Pirello, who visits markets everywhere she travels—no matter how big or small the destination, how near or far it is from home. “I love […]

Good-For-You Holiday Cookie Recipes

Chef and nutrition expert Christina Pirello is a regular contributor to Wellwellwell, where she shares her expertise on how readers can look and feel their best with natural, organic foods. It’s that time of year. The air is crisp and cold. We’ve packed away flip-flops and t-shirts for boots and sweaters. Lights are untangled and ready to adorn the tree, windows […]

Carry-On Essentials From Triathlete Magazine’s Julia Beeson Polloreno

Whether you’re flying near or far, the contents of your carry-on sure do say a lot about you and your travel persona. Wellwellwell caught up with Triathlete Editor-in-Chief Julia Beeson Polloreno to learn more about her packing habits. The avid traveler, mother, editor and—no surprise here—fitness enthusiast, spills all (literally!) below. But first, a quick-fire round of questions: Light packer or everything but the kitchen […]

See You Later, Stairmaster: Make The City Your Gym

Deciding between a workout and some sightseeing? Deliberate no more. Between traffic signals and tree branches, park benches and City Hall stairs, it’s easy to turn your metropolis of the moment into a fitness oasis—with a bit of imagination. So, lace up those sneakers and break out your tourist to-do list. With the tips, we […]

Why Pumpkin Seeds Should Be In Your Next Carry-On

America’s recent obsession with pumpkin has manifested itself in a whole flurry of fall-flavored snacks: pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin Oreos, cereal bars, croutons, yogurts, chocolates—the list goes on. But it’s time to move away from the artificial options and revisit one of the truly beneficial aspects of the rotund, orange plant: its seeds. […]

The Best Sneakers for Packing

Sneakers can be clunky, hard to smoosh and add unwanted pounds to your carry-on, right? Not anymore. Athletic-wear brands are stepping up their footwear game, designing lightweight and fashionable options ideal for traveling. So, whether you plan to run 10 miles or are just hoping to explore a foreign city by foot, check out our […]

It’s Time To Renew Your Workout Vows

In the summer, the sound of beach waves and jet engines taking off for faraway lands is motivation enough to hit the gym full force. But when work, school and cooler temperatures set in, your workouts can get bumped further down the to-do list. If you’re starting to think it’s been too long since your […]

6 Tips For Navigating Gluten-Free Foods At The Airport

Let’s be real: Airport food is generally disappointing, even if you don’t have any food allergies. But if you’ve made the decision to avoid gluten—a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye—the airport can be a particularly inhospitable eating environment. So many prepared ‘convenience’ foods are wrapped in breads, smothered in mystery sauces, or topped […]

Tennis Balls For Your Tendons

Tennis balls can be much more than victims of hard-hitting rackets and playful pets. The lightweight, suitcase-friendly neon globes can be used to give yourself a massage anytime, anywhere—especially when you can’t get deep-tissue love from a professional. Rolling a ball across aching areas of the body can apply just enough gentle pressure to alleviate […]