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Play MORE With Your Pet and Boost Your Fitness!

Animal obesity is an epidemic in the United States. What if we could fix that and improve our own fitness just by playing with our pets a few times a week? After all, exercise partners help you stay motivated—and there’s no better partner than your dog! To help you reach your fitness goals with your […]

First-Time Half Marathoner Achieves Fitness Goals with Team ASPCA

When Alexis Earlbaum received Team ASPCA membership as a graduation gift from a friend, she knew she had the perfect inspiration to train for and complete her first ever half marathon. “The mission of the ASPCA is something that I live and breathe for,” Alexis says. “Every animal deserves to have the same protection and […]

3 Must-See Netflix Movies That Will Impact Your Eating

This weekend, grab a blanket and get lost in Netflix. The streaming system has an impressive movie library that boasts a wide array of titles related to food and nutrition. Learn more by watching these flicks that shed truths on food production, take a close look at diets and define what it means to eat healthy. […]