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A Runner’s Evolution

To evolve as a runner, one must overcome challenges and be strong in the face of adversity. As an accomplished marathoner, Dell Miller knew this – and yet he had no idea what that truly meant until January 25, 2015. On that day, adversity came in the form of meningococcal disease. The rare bacterial infection […]

Marrying Ambitions: A Working Forward Story

For Collin Weyer, it was love from the start line. “We met running a half marathon in Milwaukee,” recalls Collin. “It was my first time doing that distance, and I was with my brother when I noticed a girl running alongside of us.” That runner, a cheery blonde with a stunning smile and personality, made […]

The Ambition Effect: Setting a Goal Can Change Your Life

When Carol Chau signed up for her first race, she wasn’t anticipating much to come from it – a medal, she assumed, and perhaps a bit of weight loss. She certainly didn’t expect running to transform her life. As a newly-hired manager in San Jose, Carol dedicated all of her time to her clients and […]

How To Reduce DOMS After A Big Race

Training for a race can be exhausting and painful. When you put your body through intense workouts each day, it is going to respond with soreness and fatigue. This is true for both experienced and new runners. Have you ever completed a long run and felt great all day, only to wake up the next […]

Scout Bassett: Striving For The Podium

Single amputee sprinter, Scout Bassett, tells us a training family is crucial to success and why “I can’t” won’t get her on the podium.

Meb Keflezighi on Why He Loves Compression Socks

You never see Meb Keflezighi racing without compression socks. They are a staple of his race-day gear, and in this video, he explains why. Shop CEP Compression socks.