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Smart Core Training

In the New York Times today, Gretchen Reynolds writes about core training myths and the potential dangers of performing sit-ups and crunches: these can be very hard on your spine. Want to know what you should do instead? Watch this helpful video, narrated by Stuart McGill, a professor of spine biomechanics at University of Waterloo […]

GU Recovery Brew

In the July/August issue of Women’s Running, coming out on newsstands this week, nutritionist Suzanne Girard Eberle highlights the importance of eating right immediately after a long run. Hydrate and eat a carb-loaded snack within one hour after exercise, and you’ll be ready to run again the next day. Don’t eat at all, and you […]

Itchy Scratchy Summer

With the advent of summer, we welcome warmer weather and longer daylight hours – a perfect backdrop for our trail running adventures. But one pitfall of swishing through the single-track is the risk of exposure to poison oak or poison ivy. Over the past few years I’ve become hyper-sensitive to these nasty natural hazards, and […]

Run & Refresh

  If you run or workout frequently, you inevitably shower more often than the average gal. For me, the bath products I use are a sensory reward for the hard work of training. I’m not a huge fan of highly perfumed soaps and lotions – in fact I have an allergic reaction to many items […]

Cookies for Breakfast? You Bet!

I’m happy to report that our mothers were wrong: it is not always preferable to wait until after a meal to enjoy a delicious cookie. In fact, Erin Baker’s Breakfast Cookies provide ample sustenance for a healthy and portable meal-on-the-go. Not only do these cookies taste great, they pack a nutritional punch with whole grains, […]

Give C9 a Try

I wear a variety of tops when I run, and many of them have sufficiently snug built-in bras that I don’t require any additional support. But when I do reach for a sports bra, my all-time favorite is also one of the most affordable options I’ve found, the C9 by Champion Seamless Cami Bra. The […]

Running in the Rain

I live in Florida where hurricane season kicks off June 1st. It’s also the beginning of a daily forecast that typically ends with “chance of rain is fill-in-the-blank percent.” Today, it was 80 percent. I peeked outside into the early-morning darkness. It was sprinkling. There was no lightning and no wind. Definitely do-able. But I headed back […]

Map My Way

Do you ever try a new running route and wonder just how far you’ve gone? Or, like me, do you travel often, running shoes packed in hopes of exploring new territory while on the road? MapMyRun is the perfect solution for tracking distances and planning new adventures. The site allows you to create your own […]

Happy National Running Day!

June 1 is the inaugural National Running Day, designed to encourage non-runners to try the sport and to cheer on those out there already pounding the pavement. To participate, simply head out for a run, and take a friend with you. Or visit your local running store—some are hosting events throughout the day. Visit […]