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New Balance Total Fit System

If you’re like six out of ten adult runners, your shoes may be improperly fit. New Balance seeks to right the shoe-fit wrongs of the running world with their Total Fit campaign, returning to select retailers this weekend. Trained “Fit Specialists” will be on hand in 100 Dick’s Sporting Goods locations and 25 Modell’s Sporting […]

Advice From the Pros

I spent yesterday on a track at the Athletes’ Performance Institute (API) in Los Angeles with some of the world’s fastest athletes. Hosted by Adidas and led by coaches from API, sprinters Allyson Felix (pictured), Veronica Campbell-Brown and Christine Ohuruogu—all medal-winning Olympians and world champions—demonstrated a variety of drills they perform before a track workout. […]

Sporty Jewels

When Denise Relke was sidelined from running due to a broken ankle, she created a running pendant in her silversmithing class. The pendant served as a talisman to ensure that Denise’s ankle would heal and she would be back on her feet again soon, running her favorite trails. Denise wasn’t the only one inspired by […]

Ask your questions to Olympic sprinting champions

Today I’m in L.A. for a “running camp” hosted by Adidas, designed to introduce members of the media to Adidas-sponsored athletes and to present new gear for the upcoming season. The event is interesting for a few reasons, including the odd coincidence that I’m the only female member of the U.S. media in attendance. After […]

The Team

Dawna Stone Dawna is the founder, president and publisher of Women’s Running magazine. An Ironman finisher, she enjoys all sports but says her favorite is running after her 1-year-old Kaelie. Dawna frequently travels to speak to men and women across the nation about health and well-being. Dawna had an interesting career before founding Women’s Running. […]

Natural Motion Running Shoes

I’ve struggled with running injuries for years. In my quest to run farther with fewer problems, I’ve been experimenting with a wide range of factors, from my running form and cross-training to how many runs per week I add to my schedule. But the one thing I’ve never really investigated is perhaps the most crucial: […]

Women Who Move: Norma Gonzalez

Norma Gonzalez Tijuana, Mexico SPORTS: Running, Triathlon AGE: 49 JOB: Winemaker Click photo to enlarge HOW I GOT STARTED IN SPORTS: I ran off and on for years, starting with 5k races and steadily increasing my mileage until I was running marathons. My sister-in-law inspired me to try triathlon. ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS: Placing in the top […]

Real Women of Running – Running Religion

On occasion, I enjoy posting quotes from real women runners. Whether barely a beginner, an experienced elite, or any level in between, all of us gals are bound together by the common themes of our running experience.     Running means everything to me. I find trail running to be the best form of meditation. […]

Take a Break – and Bike!

I know you love running as much as I do. But sometimes don’t you like to mix it up a bit? Try a change of pace, a break in your routine? Why not pack your bags and head to a three-day cycling camp to learn new skills, experience cross-training at it’s finest and best of […]

Imelda in the House?

Most women I know (myself included) have far too many shoes. And as runners, we’re doubly guilty of Imelda-Marcos-like tendencies. Since paring down our collections is hardly a desirable solution, perhaps the Shoe Wheel can help. The Shoe Wheel, a creation of husband and wife design company Rakku, holds up to 30 pairs of shoes […]