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Holiday Gift Idea: Recovery Package

Know someone who’s gearing up for a big event? Give her the gift of recovery – a certificate for a massage, a pair of compression socks (try these from 2XU or these from CEP) and a canister of sports recovery drink (Endurox and Fluid are both great options) will help soothe her soreness following the […]

The Pie Race

My Massachusetts high school hosts an annual 4.5 mile race for alumni called the Pie Race – so titled because all entrants who run under 33 minutes win a pie. Today, my sister-in-law and I ran another sort of pie race – the goal being to burn off our Thanksgiving dessert! The Fleet Feet Black […]


I’m sitting on the tarmac on an otherwise stress-free Wednesday-before-Thanksgiving travel day, delayed at least an hour while mechanics replace a faulty engine on the plane. Rather than absorb the frustration I sense growing amongst my fellow passengers, I’m sequestering myself in a bubble of calm and embracing this chunk of time as an unforeseen […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Raising an Injured Runner’s Spirits

It happens to the best of us – an injury sidelines us from running and prevents us from getting our regular fitness fix. If one of your pals is stuck in a forced time out, she may feel even more frustrated during the holiday season when it’s far too easy to succumb to lethargy and […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Fundraising Challenge

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than to give to those in need – and to do so with one of your runner gal pals. Make a commitment together to train and race for a cause. The opportunities for charitable fundraising coupled with running, walking or riding challenges are endless. If there’s […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Treat Her Feet

Maybe I’m thinking a bit too much about something I’d like to receive for a present – but why not create your own gift-of-the-month foot pampering package? Treat your running sister, best friend, mother, daughter or training partner to a monthly pedicure date – because what athlete does not need help taking care of her […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Runner Ornaments

I spent last weekend in Colorado, where we were hit with 6-8 inches of fresh fluffy snow. With a gorgeous white blanket covering everything in sight, I couldn’t help but think about decorating for the holidays. I absolutely love Christmas tree ornaments, and I found these cute running themed decorations that would make a perfect […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Family Fitness Challenge

If your not-so-active family members have expressed and interest in getting fit, give them a boost in the right direction this holiday season. You can create your own tradition in the form of a family fitness challenge, and involve everyone in the fun. Plot out a custom race course. It can simply be a short […]

Holiday Gift Idea: the BibKeeper

 With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s not too soon to start thinking about meaningful gifts for the runners on your list. Over the next few weeks, I’ll share some fun and unique ideas that I’ve come across.  First up is a perfect item for the running scrapbook fanatic – or anyone, really, who wants to […]

Comfy, Cozy, Luxurious!

Rather than live in denial of the cooler temperatures that will come with the impending winter, I’m doing my best to embrace the onset of the season. With that thought in mind, I justified an after-work shopping spree to REI to buy myself a warm and fuzzy treat. I returned home last evening the proud […]