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Happy New Year and Farewell!

Last February I came on board as a regular blogger for Women’s Running Magazine. Now, as I have recently moved to Colorado, begun a new job and have a variety of fresh responsibilities vying for my time, I’ve made the decision to end my stint with the blog. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my months as a […]

Resolutions, Version 2010

My health and fitness resolutions for 2010 are fairly straightforward. Since I struggled through the majority of 2009 with a variety of injuries, they mostly relate to getting back on track with quality training and racing. Here’s a smattering of what I’ll attempt to do: Join a gym in Boulder (where I recently moved), and […]

A Running Start to the New Year

There are many different ways to ring in the New Year, most of them involving late night parties and copious amounts of alcohol. But if a healthy kick start is more up your alley, why not try a 5k or 10k running race on the morning of January 1st? For many years, my then-husband and […]

Just Get Outside

Less than a week ago, I moved from the San Francisco bay area to Boulder, Colorado. I also purchased a new transmission for my car (the old one broke upon arrival in Colorado). Next I comforted my moving truck driver as he was rattled after hitting a patch of black ice and crashing his 18-wheeler […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Training Journal

A last minute gift good for any runner on your list is a training journal. Granted, there are numerous digital options for tracking one’s fitness plans and progress, but I’m talking about an honest-to-goodness old-fashioned pen-to-paper style journal. My generation grew up writing “Dear Diary” entries on a daily basis, and for many of us, […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Boot Camp

So many of us struggle at this time of year to maintain our fitness goals, much less launch into new athletic endeavors. But sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement and camaraderie to get our bodies moving in the right direction. If there’s a woman on your holiday list in need of a motivational […]

Stocking-Sized Body Glide for Her

As a runner and triathlete, my race bag is never without Body Glide. This non-greasy balm has saved my neck from the trauma of wetsuit chafing, my inner thighs from the pitfalls of “chub-rub” and my feet from countless blisters. I’m happy to report that the makers of this miracle balm now offer Body Glide […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Stuffitts

Let’s face it – along with all the positive benefits of running, there are a few unappealing side effects. Inevitably, after mile upon sweaty mile, one’s running shoes can downright stink. That’s why Stuffitts Shoe Savers are a perfect stocking stuffer for any athlete on your list. Stuffitts are a unique product designed to absorb […]

Holiday Gift Idea: Time

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday with my brother’s family, and since his wife caught the running bug a year ago, she seemed the perfect person to ask for gift ideas for women runners. As a newcomer to the sport, I figured there must be plenty of things that she wants or needs to enhance her […]