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Learning to indulge in life’s little pleasures…

Last week was the beginning of something new for me. With a little encouragement (or peer pressure, depending on how you want to look at it), I ventured outside my comfort zone and experienced my very first pedicure with a few of the girls from the office. For me, a pedicure was always out of […]

Benefits of Heart Rate Training (2 of 2)

via Here is video number 2 of the “Benefits of Heart Rate Training” produced by Polar. This video shows how training with heart rate provides guidance to train at the right level and get the best workout for your body – and your goals. The video also shows how a Polar training computer makes […]

Indulge in a Women’s Running Retreat

Whether you seek strength training or rejuvenation, escape from the daily grind with these five women-only retreats. Halfway through a group run on a winding Rocky Mountain National Park trail, I wondered, when was the last time I had an entire week all to myself? One week to get away from the daily grind, where […]

Trail Blazin’

Here are our picks for the top five trail running destinations in the U.S. Many runners turn to the trails in search of a physical challenge. What they find when they leave the pavement behind is a love for getting off the beaten path, breaking new ground and pushing themselves in new directions. A perfect […]

Secrets to Healthy Hair

There’s no reason why your hair shouldn’t look as conditioned as your body. Don’t let your locks be a casualty of your active lifestyle. Los Angeles-based celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims, who has coifed the manes of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Queen Latifah, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez to name a few, offers tips for […]

The Benefits of Diversified Training

THIS MONTH’S TRAINING TIP SPONSORED BY Uniform running may result in injuries that will take a long time to heal. Cross-training will help you strengthen your weaknesses. For example, long runs are usually very strenuous, because your legs and feet are not used to repetitive and prolonged impact. But, a long run may be replaced […]

Why Listen to Your Body?

THIS MONTH’S TRAINING TIP SPONSORED BY Whether you want to train to improve your performance or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, the most effective way to do both is to listen to your body. Of course, if you have no way of understanding it, you have no way of knowing what it’s telling you. That’s […]

Something to Lose

How three ordinary women became runner s and lost nearly 300 pounds. Jen Arruda sat beside her newborn son watching him struggle to breathe. She visited him in the neonatal intensive care unit every day, all day. Born six weeks premature, Zakary had taken only a handful of normal breaths before his underdeveloped lungs had  […]

Tackling the Top Running Injuries

Dr. John Gross offers straightforward advice to help treat and prevent the most common women’s running injuries. Based on your experience, what are the most common running-related injuries women face? Are there injuries women are more prone to than men? The most common running injuries in women aren’t so different than those found in men. […]

Rockin’ the Big Easy

Hello Runners! It’s Wednesday and I am busy packing for the Little Rock Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. But first thing’s first — here’s what happened last weekend in The Big Easy… Thank you to all of the women (and men) who came by the Women’s Running magazine booth at the Inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Mardi […]