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From A to DD…

Find the perfect-fitting sports bra with these tips from Julie Baxter, vice president of Moving Comfort. WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE A PROPER-FITTING SPORTS BRA? The biggest reason why you should wear a proper-fitting sports bra is comfort. A runner should never think about her breasts while running. This is a key indication […]

Beyond the Marathon

Ultras take long-distance running to a whole new level. Here’s what you need to know to tackle one of these extreme races. Remember when the idea of running a marathon seemed crazy? Then you completed one. You should think about ultras the same way. Ultras are defined as anything longer than the marathon distance (26.2 […]

Pick a Pocket, Make a Pocket

Recently, my mother asked me for advice on where to carry essential items while working out. She enjoys walking for exercise, and was curious how runners carry their keys, cards, gels, cell phones and the like without being overloaded. Of course, running shorts usually have built-in pockets perfectly sized for a credit card, a bit […]

Trade Show Shoes

I have a bit of a thing for shoes. At 5’8”, I love fashion footwear that adds even a few more inches to my height. But these shoes are rarely the most comfortable ones in my closet, so I reserve them for special occasions – ones where walking is kept to a minimum. Now of […]

Goodbye Funk

It’s a fact – over time, regular water bottles get a tad bit nasty. Scrub as you might, they’re eventually impossible to keep fresh. That’s why I find the new Clean Bottle so appealing. In addition to a standard screw-off top, Clean Bottle adds a leak-proof screw-off bottom to enable easy and complete cleaning and […]

Deep Water Running to a Personal Best

Back in July, I posted about my run training being confined to the pool. I had injured my foot – torn or strained a tiny ligament that gave me a whole heap of trouble. I was in the midst of training for Ironman Canada – which is basically a really long swim followed by a […]

Run & Fun in Music City

Ladies! Need a last minute fitness-fueled getaway? It’s not too late to register for the Women’s Half Marathon in Nashville, Tennessee, taking place on September 25th. The inaugural Nashville event will take runners through the scenic and historic neighborhoods of Music City, culminating with a street party at the downtown finish line. And if the […]

Come Together

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the wildfire that is raging in the mountains just north of downtown Boulder, Colorado. As of this writing, the fire remains predominantly uncontained, despite the best efforts of the tireless firefighting crews. Over 135 homes, as well as numerous other structures, have been destroyed and […]

Get Your Compression On!

Compression garments are all the rage in endurance sports these days – especially compression socks. There are, however, two distinct schools of thought as to whether the socks should be worn during exercise or simply as a recovery aid after a hard workout or race. Personally, I wear compression only as a before and after […]