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Two Minutes

I absolutely love this: Click the link and a beautiful beach scene fills your computer screen. The lulling sound of crashing waves immediately sends you on a 120-second vacation. Resist the urger to hurry back to whatever you were doing before you hit the beach – if you move your mouse or touch your […]

Run Healthy

The Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running, a new publication from Velopress, is a valuable resource for running injury free. The book’s author, Lewis G. Maharam, MD, is a renowned authority on healthy running, and his guide aims to help running aficionados avoid sidelining injuries and ailments. The Running Doc also offers advice for diagnosis, […]

Welcome, Weekend!

I feel as though we’re getting a double dose of summer here in Boulder. Temperatures have hovered at or near 90 degrees for a few weeks now, and this Saturday and Sunday are expected to hit the high 90’s. I love running in all sorts of weather, but none so much as the blaring heat […]

Refresh Your Feet

  Let’s face it: our feet are not always fresh and lovely. Especially in summertime, when flip-flops are a daily accessory and kicking around the beach or backyard barefoot is commonplace, feet can get downright filthy. Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple solution for cleaning your feet prior to strapping on your night-out […]

Oh Yum.

  What do I have to say about the latest flavor of Clif Bar, Coconut Chocolate Chip? “OH YUM.” I’d say more, but my mouth is far too full to talk!      

A Lighter Mix

If you find post-workout performance shakes a bit too heavy for your tummy, give Mix1 Lean Performance Shakes a try. These all-natural shakes provide a whopping 10 grams of whey protein isolate, 3 grams of soluble fiber, 23 vitamins and minerals and 3 servings of fruits and veggies packed into a delicious 90-calorie drink. Mix1 shakes are […]

Yogurt Delight!

Sometimes an unexpected element makes a race a personal favorite. Yesterday I ran the Loveland Classic 10k, and while my performance was one I’d just as soon forget, the post-race treat of soft-serve frozen yogurt, free to all on site, made the morning memorable. Big thumbs up to the race directors for securing a yogurt […]

Watch Your Step

Colorado is chock full of snakes on the roads and trails in the summer months. Granted, most of the snakes I’ve seen have been run over by cars, but I’ve had my fair share of live snake sightings as well. Last weekend, a friend of mine had an uncomfortably close call with a snake – […]

Polar Sport Zones

Learn about the unique Polar feature, Polar Sport Zones, in this brief video. More from PolarUSA

No Smoke, No Fire

Can’t stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen fast with easy no-cook meals. When temperatures soar, the last thing you want to do is sweat over a hot stove. Your solution? Make a delicious, three-course meal without ever turning on the oven! No-cook meals are perfect for sultry summer evenings when you want your […]