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5 for 5 with Sara Eccelsine

5 questions answered in 5 words or less…   A former competitive cyclist and currently the Brand Manager at SIDI America, Sara Eccelsine chases off-wheel fitness and fun running trails in Tahoe, Hawaii and around the globe.      What inspired you to start running?  Desire to be playful outdoors. What songs cycle through your […]

Little Hotties

A few weeks ago, the temperature in Boulder dropped within a few degrees of zero. It’s not often that cold here, and everyone bundled up with extra layers, gloves and scarves. I was out to dinner out with a group of friends, and the woman sitting next to me shared her secret for keeping cozy […]

The Inside Skirt

Walk in the door of Skirt Sports’ new headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, and you’re immediately greeted with two brilliant phenomenon: the striking smile of receptionist Mia and the vibrantly painted pink walls. In fact, a powerful pink glow and radiant, smiling staffers (Skirt now employs 11 full-time fitness and fashion fanatics) are the norm throughout […]

5 for 5 with Morgan Clark

Today I’m launching a new interview concept – 5for5. Throughout the coming months, I’ll conduct mini-interviews with a wide variety of women to explore their experiences with running. I’ll ask each interview subject to answer 5 questions in 5 words or less, thus 5for5. To kick off the series, I talked to Morgan Clark, Owner and […]

See Me Run

    Today I stumbled across a stylish, savvy and low-cost way to add reflective elements to running gear. See-Me-Run offers reflective iron-on transfers that are manufactured and tested specifically for performance apparel. The transfers come in a variety of designs which, stylistically, serve to complement the existing apparel item. Safety-wise, they are highly visible […]

Lip-Smackin’ Smooth

This time of year, especially if you run outdoors in the cold air, it’s tough to keep your lips from getting dry and chapped. I’m certainly a bit of a lip balm addict, and I make sure I always have a tube close at hand. My best-loved lip soother is Un-Petroleum lip balm from Alba […]

Welcome, 2011!

I’m approaching the New Year with baby steps. Baby steps because for the past few weeks, I’ve been unable to run, and have just recently ramped up my walks to anything remotely resembling a workout. The reason for my back-sliding fitness? I had surgery a few weeks ago – totally unrelated to running – and […]

My Favorite Food Group – For Now!

Right here, right now, I’m fessing up. One of my main – and favorite – food groups over the past few weeks has been cookies. While I avoid overindulgence in sweet treats most of the time, the holiday spirit and my cookie craving gets the best of me come December. But here’s the thing – […]

Gift Guide: Arm Warmers with a Twist

  Staying toasty on cold-weather runs is key, and graphic arm warmers from Sugoi add a cozy and funky spark to brighten even the dreariest winter day. Made from Sugoi’s MidZero fabric, the warmers boast a wicking mid-weight base layer fabric with a comfy fleeced inner lining. Available in Tatu and Mini Skulls designs, these […]

Gift Guide – RunnerGirl Jewelry

Jewelry is a prefect go-to gift among girlfriends. Necklaces and earrings always fit, and serve as sweet reminders of your friendship whenever they’re worn. I like to include a few jewelry options in our gift guide suggestions, and this set from RunnerGirl does not disappoint. The sassy stick-figurines are crafted of 100% sterling silver, and […]