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Beat the Heat: Clothing

We’re at the peak of summer’s sweltering heat and humidity, and during hard outdoors runs, it’s critical to wear clothing that breathes and keeps you as cool as possible. Yesterday, I tested my hot weather running clothes in an unusual way: by taking a yoga class in a 95 F room (no, it wasn’t Bikram […]

Wet Your Whistle with Body Glove

One gadget that caught my attention at the recent Outdoor Retailer show was a seemingly simple water bottle – made complex by its self-filtering system. Watersports manufacturerBody Glove, long known for its extensive range of wetsuits, sports apparel and accessories, now includes environmentally-conscious water bottles in its product line. Given that Body Glove products are […]

How far would you go when injured?

I’ve suffered a wide range of running-related injuries, from an extremely tight IT Band that landed me in physical therapy for six months to that common and annoying runner’s knee. Taking time off from running is rough for those of us who depend on it for our sanity and daily endorphin rush. But sometimes, it’s […]

Smith Pivlock V90

I just returned from the Summer Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, where a few new products captured my attention and admiration. The practically weightless, sleek and stealthy Pivlock V90 shades from Smith Optics are a multi-sport athlete’s dream come true. The Pivlock V90’s standout feature is its easily interchangeable, rimless one-piece lens. […]

In My Dresser: 2XU

Recently, I acquired a pair of Run Shorts from Australian manufacturer 2XU. I’m most familiar with this brand’s triathlon apparel and their compression tights (which I wear religiously after long workouts to aid my recovery), so I was eager to try the run-specific gear. I fell for these shorts the moment I pulled them on. […]

The Sprinter in the Family

When I adopted an Australian Shepherd, I assumed he would develop into a distance runner. But my pup Viggo proved me wrong. He pretty much refutes every stereotype regarding his natural instincts. As a herder, he’s a complete failure – his number one objective at the dog park is to convince other dogs to chase […]

Deena Kastor on Cooking and Running

Elite marathoner and passionate cook Deena Kastor shared a recipe with Women’s Running for the inaugural issue in January. This month, she shares a recipe with the New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman. Watch a video of her running and cooking with Bittman here.

In My Dresser: Sugoi

I’ve worked in the multi-sport industry for my entire career, and I’ve been training and racing since the late 90’s. Therefore it’s no surprise that I maintain an entire dresser devoted to workout gear. Unfortunately, it’s so jam-packed that I usually end up only using the top layer of goods; some items rarely see the […]

Lace ‘Em Up

Around the time I first began to consider myself a real runner, I also discovered the genius ofLace Locks. These squeezable plastic gadgets enabled me to adjust my laces only once, and then easily slide the locks open and closed just enough to allow my foot access in and out of my shoe. Given that […]

Amazing Aging!

Sunday was a pretty cool day for women’s endurance racing. In Roth Germany, Britain’sChrissie Wellington shattered the women’s Ironman triathlon world record in a time of 8:31:59 – an improvement of more than ten minutes faster than the previous world’s best. Chrissie has been on a tear since her debut in IM racing in 2007, […]