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Undie Run Fun!

I’m currently in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii attending the Ironman Triathlon World Championship. One of the most fun and wildly entertaining events during the race week festivities here in Kona is the annual Underpants Run. I wanted to share the press release below to give our readers an interesting way to join in the fun from afar […]

Place and Time

I love speed. I love running hard and fast intervals where I feel I’m pushing myself to my absolute limit. And I love feeling that limit expand when I’m able to dedicate myself to disciplined running over several months on end. I love the tangible feedback of measured improvement. Of course I also adore willy-nilly […]

Oooh… Oogavé!

I tend to stay away from most sodas, but every so often I can’t resist the sugary sweet taste of a fizzy treat. Imagine my surprise – and my taste buds’ delight – when I sampled all natural Oogavé sodas at a recent race expo. Oogavé sodas are certified organic and free of chemicals or […]

Without Limits

A Life Without Limits, the autobiography of Ironman World Champion and world record holder Chrissie Wellington, promises to be an inspirational yet accessible read. Wellington, a self-proclaimed “regular person”, was never particularly talented at sport as a child. She was, however, supremely skilled in drive and ambition, qualities that she first focused on her studies […]

A Truly Positive Impact

For those of us who run, we know what a truly positive impact running can have on our lives. Some of the changes are smaller, and some of them… well, they’re life altering! A few weeks ago, we asked our Run Club members to send us stories of how running has been a positive influence […]


Male or female, it’s always impressive and inspirational to witness an athlete accomplish an amazing feat. Kenyan runner Patrick Makau did exactly that this morning with his new marathon world record, cruising through the Berlin Marathon in a blistering 2:03:38. That’s about a 4:43 mile pace, in case you were wondering! Also of note, the […]

Tasty C!

The new Clif C bar from Clif Bar and Company is a doubly delicious double layered delight made from just a few simple ingredients: fruit, nuts and sea salt. The lightly baked bars are anything but simple in taste, however, with a sprinkling of sea salt bringing the blend of wholesome fruit and nut flavors to […]

Women Who Move: Inez Ross

Inez Ross Los Alamos, N.M. AGE: 80 JOB: Author, Retired Teacher Click photo to enlarge I started running in my forties and completely fell in love. Now, at age eighty, I’m still pounding the pavement! When my daughter, Lynette, was in high school, she asked me to take her to the Bonnie Bell 10k in […]

Running in Honor

HonorBibs are race-style bibs custom printed with a photo and message to honor those who have touched our lives. Honor bibs do not replace a regular race bib, but rather enhance a race or event experience through a personalized statement of celebration and support for each honoree. The bibs can be made of either traditional […]

Best Bottoms!

I have fallen in love – with the Gather & Crow Crop capris from lululemon! I recently took a peek at the racks in my local lululemon store, intending to simply browse and admire the fine fabrics and flirty, but functional styles. But I couldn’t resist the temptation to try on these capris, with their […]