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More Than Just Dessert

You know a sports nutrition product is good when you crave it outside of sport. For example, right this moment, sitting at my computer buried deep in writing assignments, I can think of nothing but Chocolate Raspberry Roctane. Earlier today I went for an hour and a half mountain bike ride – just long enough […]

Cherry Cheer

I’m utterly in love with dried cherries. Last summer, a friend introduced me to including cherries in salads. I had previously used dried cranberries in my salads, but now they seem a bit blase in comparison to the tart and tasty cherries. Then last week, I visited a different friend who adds cherries to her […]

Water Damage

Don’t let spring showers wash away your skincare routine. Use these fun products and useful tips to keep your face fresh all season long. We’ve all been there. You’re halfway into a run when suddenly your eyes start stinging, as your tear ducts are assaulted by a mixture of sunscreen, sweat and last night’s makeup. […]

Best Beats

I tend to train solo more often than not, but lately I’ve gained an added appreciation for my girl posse. I’m not talking about actual training partners, but rather the ones singing their hearts out in my ears. There’s J-Lo with her new single On The Floor, Rihanna crooning Only Girl In The World, Fergie […]

The Importance of Place

I’m in Santa Cruz, California this week to cover the XTERRA Pacific Championship off-road triathlon. I’m also here to catch up with old friends, as I was lucky enough to call this beachside haven home for the better part of two decades. I spent some time in Wilder Ranch State Park this morning, and the […]

Inspiration for Mom

Give mom the gift of inspiration – not to mention training and nutrition tips – with the new book Kara Goucher’s Running for Women: From First Steps to Marathons. Professional runner Kara Goucher shares details form her own journey through motherhood and training and racing at an elite level, yet her book speaks equally to […]

Get Your Groove On – Or Carry it With You

Lug your training gear to and fro in throwback 70’s style with Lululemon’s Retro Groove Bag. The hip carryall holds up to 50 pounds and includes an interior zippered pouch for dirty sweaty duds. The bag is perfect for everyday jaunts to the gym, or pack it up for a casual-chic weekend getaway.  

SkoobaWrap It Up

The SkoobaWrap from Skooba Design is a simple yet brilliant protective pouch for fragile gear. The padded squares, available in three sizes (12, 16 or 22 inch), wrap securely around iPods, iPads, smart phones, digital cameras, small laptops – or race finisher medals and commemorative jewelry. The interior side is scratch-free nylon, while the exterior […]

Sweet Dreams with SHEEX

Anyone who struggles with insomnia knows the debilitating challenge of sleep deprivation. Simply put, lack of proper sleep wreaks havoc with both mental and physical functioning. I know this firsthand, having been awakened by an overactive mind at 4:00am and now double-checking to be sure I’m typing cohesive sentences! That’s why I believe the women […]