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Let’s Do Lunch

Has your noontime meal become a nutritional compromise? Use these tips for building an all-star lunch from the ground up. Breakfast may be called the most important meal of the day, but a nutritious lunch is just as crucial. “A proper lunch will help carry you through the afternoon and a late day run,” says […]

Miles, Mountains and Marigolds

In a race through the Himalayas, views of snow-topped peaks change the way one runner sees her world. Traveling halfway around the world to run a race sounded like an exciting idea when I signed up for the 2010 Himalayan Run & Trek, a five day, 100-plus-mile stage race held in India. But fresh off […]

Tarma Designs

Another fun find in running-themed jewelry! Tarma Designs creates hand-crafted, earth-friendly jewelry that speaks straight o a women’s love of outdoor adventure. Not only are runners given a shout-out, but the Tarma Active line includes jewelry which celebrates climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, cycling, yoga, surfing, snow boarding, and skiing.   One of my favorite […]

Welcome Spring!

Hello warmer weather – how I’ve missed you! With the official start to spring, the weather here in Boulder is proving more than agreeable – it’s downright lovely. While I’m sure we’ll have a few more blanketing snow flurries before the colder temperatures are finally put to rest, there’s no denying that a change in […]

Bottoms Up!

If you’re looking for some derriere-flattering yet fully comfy-cozy casual pants – a cross between yoga duds and your favorite Friday night jeans – look no further than SkirtSports’ Apres Workout 10:05 Collection bootylicious bottoms. Yes, these pants really are all that.   SkirtSports knows a thing or two about fitting the female form – […]

What’s Your Trick?

I know I’m not alone in what I’m currently experiencing. I’m struggling to get fit again after a chunk of time off, and my body isn’t responding as quickly as I would like. I’m sure it’s a combination of age (it’s a bit harder to rebound in my 40’s than when I was in my […]

Sally’s Message

Today we learned the incredibly sad news that running’s young star Sally Meyerhoff was involved in an accident that claimed her life while training on her bicycle. Our deepest sympathies go out to Sally’s family and friends, and we carry in our hearts Sally’s oft-repeated message, “Be Relentlessly Positive.”

Simple Style, Spunky Message

I have a bit of an obsession with sweetly-styled running themed t-shirts. My most recent discovery, Remanents, offers run-related messages on both simple white tees and contemporary greeting cards. The clean designs are offset by the clever messages, including two of my favorites, Distance Makes the Heart Grow Stronger and There is a Time and […]

Gracie’s Gear Cami

I’m a fan of this cute and clever cami top from North Carolina-based Gracie’s Gear. Not only do I love the vibrant blue and white color combo and the svelte racer-back styling, the top provides a practical and easy-access solution for on-the-run storage. The zipper pocket in the front of the bra top has three […]

Back To The Tap

The Back To The Tap water purification system combines either a sports-style or stainless steel bottle with an individual filtration device which allows the user to filter water on the go. The system was designed as an alternative to purchasing bottled water, which can have a significant environmental and financial impact. The Back To The […]