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Here’s a wonderful way to transform your race medals into something bigger than a reminder of your own personal accomplishments. Medals4Mettle accepts donations of marathon, half-marathon and triathlon finisher medals and in turn awards them to children and adults fighting debilitating diseases. For individuals who are unable to run a race on their own, the […]


Have you ever run horse-ivals? My dear friend Tracy is visiting her once-home of Boulder this week, and she had the opportunity to run – alongside and atop – a stunning and powerful pony. Apparently – and as evidenced by the image above – when running alongside a horse the creature gets quickly in tune […]

Team USA

In yesterday’s Bolder Boulder 10k race, the TEAM USA women improved on their 2010 3rd place finish, beating out their rival team from Kenya and finishing in 2nd, just two points behind the winning team from Ethiopia. The strategizing and team dynamics between the three U.S. women – Amy Hastings, Renee Metivier-Baillie and Magdalena Lewy-Boulet […]

Spring 2011 Shoe Review

Find your perfect fit this spring! Check out our 16 wear-tested winners, now with bonus tester comments available exclusively online! Reader’s Choice Saucony ProGrid Mirage Price: $100 Saucony’s ProGrid Mirage was a hands-down favorite for fit, comfort and style. Tipping the scales at only 7.9 ounces, the Mirage feels like a lightweight trainer, but is […]

Cool Running

  Take the BEX Runner on your next run and benefit from core cooling which enhances your running experience. The BEX (Better Exercise Experience) Runner is a small hand-held ice-pack which rests in the palm of your hand, secured by a comfortable Velcro strap. The cooling sensation penetrates your palm, helping to cool your body’s […]

National Running Day

June 1st is National Running Day, so why not get a head start on the celebration with a running-filled weekend? Given the Memorial Day holiday, there are sure to be plenty of 5k and 10k races, such as the Bolder Boulder here in (you guessed it!) Boulder, Colorado. Or enjoy a long trail run away […]

Yummy Yeast

I’m curious how many of you grew up eating one of my favorite snacks, popcorn topped with nutritional yeast? If you’re a stranger to nutritional yeast, your gag reflex may have just kicked in, but trust me, it’s 100% delicious! The yellow flaky yeast tastes a bit like parmesan cheese, yet it’s loaded with Vitamin […]

More Than Just Dessert

You know a sports nutrition product is good when you crave it outside of sport. For example, right this moment, sitting at my computer buried deep in writing assignments, I can think of nothing but Chocolate Raspberry Roctane. Earlier today I went for an hour and a half mountain bike ride – just long enough […]

Cherry Cheer

I’m utterly in love with dried cherries. Last summer, a friend introduced me to including cherries in salads. I had previously used dried cranberries in my salads, but now they seem a bit blase in comparison to the tart and tasty cherries. Then last week, I visited a different friend who adds cherries to her […]