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Rooster’s Replacement

I’m typing this on Sunday night, at the close of a busy and productive weekend. Yet despite the to-do’s I’ve crossed off my list, the list keeps growing, and in order to fit in my run tomorrow I’ll be waking up bright and early at 5:30 am. I suppose it’s only fitting, then, that this […]


Some days you run and you feel like a lean and lithe gazelle. Other days you run and you feel like a gargantuan gorilla. But sometimes all it takes is a little perspective to know that every run is better than no run at all.

Positively Peanut

The only challenge you’ll have with GU Energy Gel’s newest flavor, Peanut Butter, will be limiting how many of the delicious packets you eat at once. I’m a sucker for any peanut-based product, so I looked forward to sampling this new offering from GU. The gel did not disappoint – the peanut butter flavor tickled […]

Earn It!

I love the concept behind, a site where you track your workouts to earn rewards. The only requirement is a device for tracking your training – for example, Garmin Connect or Nike +. Once you’ve set up an account, points accumulate based on your workout. You earn virtual “trophies” and compete with other athletes, […]

On-the-Go Fitness

Paul Huddle, triathlon coach and author of “The Athletic-Minded Traveler” offers advice to maintain your fitness routine during business travels. As a business traveler, how can I keep my fitness routine on track away from home? It can be difficult to keep your fitness routine on track when you are away from home without the […]

Defensive Running

Lynne Marie Wanamaker, a National Women’s Martial Arts Federation-certified self-defense instructor, provides life-saving advice and strategies that every woman runner should know. As women, we should be able to run anywhere and at any time of day without thinking about our safety. Unfortunately, safety concerns are a reality in today’s society. If you’re planning to […]

Run, Hike, Bike & Sip!

What happens when you pair an active outdoorswoman with a passion for wine? You get Stefani Jackenthal’s book Wanderlust Wining, a guide to America’s best wine countries and action-packed activities in each area. Check it out here – and enjoy!    

5k for Healthy Moms

On November 6th, 2011 a team led by Christy Turlington Burns will run the ING New York City Marathon to raise funds and awareness for Every Mother Counts (EMC). EMC is an organization seeking to prioritize resources, education and heath-care in the battle against maternal mortality. While a woman dies every 90 seconds from complications […]

Tacos for Breakfast

Forget about the standard breakfast burrito – how about nutritious and delicious breakfast tacos? I’m not a dietary expert, but when something is chock full of healthy ingredients and flavor, it gets an A+ recommendation in my book! Following long runs I always like to eat some version of eggs, the protein serving to satisfy […]

Why Train With Heart Rate

Ever wondered why people exercise with heart rate? This animated video answer that precise question and explains how training with heart rate provides guidance to train at the right level and get the best workout for your body – and your goals. Full transcript: Let me tell you about heart rate training. I will start […]