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Raspberry Lemonade Refresher

Ever get tired of tasting the same old sports drink run after run? Mix things up – literally – by combining flavors of your favorite brand. I’ve been downing bottles of Raspberry Lemonade Refresher, made by combining equal parts Raspberry and Lemon Lime flavored GU Electrolyte Brew. Nothing tastes better on a hot August day!

Dangerous Relationship

An estimated two-thirds of women in the United States suffer from disordered eating—a disease which spells dire consequences for female runners. On the surface, Kendra Glassman was the picture of health. The 31-year-old registered dietitian carried 100 pounds on her 5-foot-1-inch frame, within the “normal” range, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. […]

Nike LunarGlide+ 3 iD | Women’s Running Magazine

Customize and win your own personally designed Nike LunarGlide+ 3 iD shoe! DREAM OF DESIGNING YOUR PERFECT RUNNING SHOE? Now’s your chance to create it! In this exciting contest, you’ll use the inspiring template of the Nike LunarGlide+ 3’s to design a running shoe that matches your own unique style. Olympic superstar Kara Goucher will […]

Light Up Your Run

I live in denial that soon the days will start getting shorter. Summer’s end is inevitable, but there’s no reason your running hours need be compromised. With Knuckle Lights, you can easily carry two wide flood beam lights perfectly positioned to provide super-bright illumination along any road or path. As the name implies, the lightweight […]

Sporty Girl Jewelry

  Sporty Girl Jewelry melds athletic inspiration and fun fashion with simple hand-stamped creations. My favorite is the pendant pictured here, featuring a quote from Joan of Arc which states, “I am not afraid” on one side and “I was born to do this” on the other. Check out their entire line for the pendant, […]

Clean Comfort

Today I returned to my car after a long hot run and realized I was without a towel or a dry change of clothes. I had no choice but to let my sweat-soaked body soil my car seat. Since this is not the first time I’ve forgotten to pack a towel, it occurred to me […]

Give Me a Sign

Sometimes….you see a sign that lets you know you’re meant to be on a run! – Holly Bennett

Two Minutes

I absolutely love this: Click the link and a beautiful beach scene fills your computer screen. The lulling sound of crashing waves immediately sends you on a 120-second vacation. Resist the urger to hurry back to whatever you were doing before you hit the beach – if you move your mouse or touch your […]

Run Healthy

The Running Doc’s Guide to Healthy Running, a new publication from Velopress, is a valuable resource for running injury free. The book’s author, Lewis G. Maharam, MD, is a renowned authority on healthy running, and his guide aims to help running aficionados avoid sidelining injuries and ailments. The Running Doc also offers advice for diagnosis, […]

Welcome, Weekend!

I feel as though we’re getting a double dose of summer here in Boulder. Temperatures have hovered at or near 90 degrees for a few weeks now, and this Saturday and Sunday are expected to hit the high 90’s. I love running in all sorts of weather, but none so much as the blaring heat […]