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Here’s Exactly How to Start Running Again After Some Time Off

It’s not just the New Year when people are trying to find their workout rhythm again, but it certainly is a popular one. If after a few weeks of holidays and celebrating you want to jump back into a routine, do this first: Take a breath. A mistake many people make is going out too […]

Meet Oiselle’s Newest Run Team: The “Elite Grannies”

It isn’t that Peggy Richko hasn’t always been a runner; she has. But for years, it was the sport she did quietly, behind the scenes. Growing up in the 60s, long before Title IX, running wasn’t something girls did in high school. With no other real athletic opportunities, Richko quietly accepted the roll of cheerleader, […]

The Olympic Trials? Or the Boston Marathon? Des Linden is Doing the Double

During the past year the speculation has been widespread. Will Desiree Linden race the Olympic Marathon Trials on February 29? Or will she return to the 2020 Boston Marathon on April 20 instead? Linden finally has an answer—and it’s not what many had predicted: she’ll race them both. “Running the Boston Marathon seven weeks after […]

See All the Finish Line Feels When 29 Women Qualify for the U.S. Olympic Trials in 59 Seconds

The finish line at the 2019 California International Marathon (CIM) on Sunday was a jubilant place for many runners, especially the women who finished the race right before the qualification cutoff for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, which will take place on February 29 in Atlanta. To earn a place on the starting line […]

Paula Radcliffe on Coaching and Why She Sees Herself in Jordan Hasay

After Jordan Hasay dropped out of the 2019 Chicago Marathon with a hamstring injury, Paula Radcliffe, the former marathon world record holder (2:15:25), got in touch to see how she was doing—and out of that gesture a new coaching partnership has formed between the women. Hasay had been through a lot in the weeks leading […]

17 Brands to Shop on Women-Led Wednesday

There’s Cyber Monday, Small-Business Saturday, and Giving Tuesday, there is another buying day in the mix. November 27, 2020 is the second-annual Women-Led Wednesday—a nationwide initiative to promote holiday shopping from female-led and founded brands. WLW was established by Cassie Abel, co-founder of the women’s outdoor apparel brand Wild Rye while trying to find a way for […]

6 Types of Wine For Any Celebration

We surveyed all the women in our (very active) company about the kinds of gifts that make them happiest over the holiday season. When it comes to hostess gifts, white elephant gifts, or just something unexpected from a friend, wine found its way onto nearly every list. These types of wine are sure to please […]