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“Eat the Pizza” and Other Fueling Wisdom for Distance Runners

Nutritionist Rachel Davis, who will be racing the Boston Marathon this year, practices what she preaches when it comes to eating for performance. We liked nutritionist Rachel Davis right away for those three little words every runner wants to hear: “Eat the pizza.” “Here’s the thing,” Davis says. “There are no ‘bad’ or ‘off-limits’ foods. […]

How Much Do You Need to Hydrate to Go the Distance?

Fine-tune your electrolyte needs for your next race. Electrolytes, like sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, are electrically charged particles which, when dissolved in water, produce charged ions. These ions permit the flow of electrical signals throughout the body. Electrolytes own many roles, such as helping to maintain fluid balance, heart rhythm and the functioning of […]

What Runners Should Celebrate on International Women’s Day

We still have a long way to go in the name of gender equality, but here are three ways the sport is making progress. In many ways, running is a place where men and woman today experience more equality than many other sports and professions. But of course it wasn’t (and still isn’t) always the […]

Spring Training? Use These 5 Simple Workouts to Get Faster Now

Get excited for the spring racing season by injecting speed training into your routine today. Spring is (finally) around the corner. For runners, this usually means one thing: the start of a new racing season. If you haven’t already started incorporating speed training into your regimen, now is the time. But even if you don’t […]

After 2018 Controversy, New Rules for Boston Marathon Prize Money

When the professional fields line up on April 15 at the 2019 Boston Marathon, more women will have a shot at competing at the highest level—and fewer men will qualify for prize money. Beginning this year, the Boston Athletic Association will accept entries to the professional women’s-only race based on a qualifying time of 2:45 […]

Race at the Silo District Marathon

April 28, 2019 The Silo District Marathon is an annual 5K, Half Marathon, and Marathon race hosted by Magnolia and held in Waco, Texas! Just a few perks you can look forward to: This USATF-certified race is a Boston Marathon qualifier All race profits will be donated to the fight against cancer There will be […]

Grief Inspired Her To Run. Now She’s Leadville’s Reigning Champ.

When Katie Arnold runs at elevations exceeding 10,000 feet near her home in Santa Fe, N.M., the scenery reminds her to “make the most of the time we have here.” After her father’s death in 2010, Arnold turned to running to process her grief. Years later, what began as a passion for nature and fitness […]

Racing After Age 80? It’s Just Another Day For Della Works.

Her husband said it was crazy, which is exactly why she did it. In February of 2004, Della Works boarded a Russian research ship and set sail for Antarctica. At 69 years old, Works was the oldest in a group of runners tackling 26.2 miles on the world’s southernmost continent. “My husband was reading The […]

Aspiring Elites Are Banding Together To Meet Tougher Time Standards 

This Presidents Day, 12 elite women toed the line at the Pacific Pursuit 10K in San Diego, Calif. Matching athletes from respected teams like Northern Arizona Elite in Flagstaff, Ariz. with those from Hansons Brooks Distance Project in Detroit, Mich., this competition was originally created as an early 2016 Olympic Trials qualifier by the NorCal […]