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6 Hydration Products We’ve Been Running With All Summer

Finding the right hydration system for you can be a bit of a dating game: Between handheld bottles, belts, and vests, there are plenty of options—but depending on how, when, and where you run, finding the one that works best for you can take some trial and error. These are six of our favorite hydration […]

8 New Rules of Summer Hydration

If you’re not sipping on something during your sweat sessions, honestly, you’re probably doing it wrong. “Anytime you start or finish a workout dehydrated, you are at a competitive disadvantage,” says registered dietician Marni Sumbal, author of Essential Sports Nutrition. “And yet, the average runner tends to under-hydrate on a daily basis.” On the flip side, when you’re well hydrated, your body sweats more efficiently […]

Quick Tips to Support Training Goals

Are you struggling with supporting your personal training goals for running? Whether you are a professional runner or just starting out on your daily jogs, keeping up with training goals — or even just figuring out how to set goals — can be daunting. Sometimes, especially as dedicated runners, we overlook the small, everyday activities […]

What’s in a Name? This Playlist Will Show You

Inspiration is everywhere and many musical acts take it from each other. This running playlist features tunes from artists who got their names from song titles.