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Sara Vaughn on Babies, Body Image, and Chasing Big 2020 Goals

If you didn’t know better, you might think Sara Vaughn was just another uber-fit Boulder mom—but you’d be wrong. Standing just five foot one, the 1,500-meter specialist is nothing if not extraordinary. In 2017, the mother of four and full-time real estate agent made the US team and competed in the World Championships when her […]

A Runner’s Guide To Hip Pain

The hips don't lie—if you are experiencing pain, something is wrong. Here's what your hip pain could mean and how to treat it.

In the Wake of a Tragedy, We Look at Prioritizing Runner Safety on the Road

On Monday February 3rd, a high school cross-country team went out for a training run that ended in every runner’s, parent’s, teacher’s, coach’s—everyone’s worst nightmare. The student athletes from Moore High School in Oklahoma were about a half-mile from their school when six of them were struck by a pick up truck.  Two of the […]